Did we see our next head coach on Sunday night?

Our defence had looked better the last few weeks, but we faced a team with a real quarterback on Sunday night. Once again, we now see why Matt Eberflus is most likely not the answer as our Head Coach.

I like Matt Eberflus, but when the best teams come up on our schedule, our defence is just a deer in the headlights wondering what in the world are we doing right now. We're now at the point for sure where this is just not working, and no matter how it goes for the rest of the season, I'm off the train, and it's time to move on from Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy. I been off the Getsy train for awhile now, but Eberflus now joins Getsy at the station.

I wish this weren't true, but it's time to look at who will be our head coach in 2024, and I can't help but wonder if we seen our next head coach on the opposition side-line on Sunday night.

I asked myself that, and I looked up Kellen Moore and saw he only retired from the NFL five years ago. Kellen Moore has only been coaching since 2018, but when Mike Williams found himself out for the season, Kellen Moore started changing where wide receivers, running backs and tight ends lined up.

Why did he do that?

The answer is they didn't have Mike Williams, and they had to adapt to try and stop Keenan Allen from being double-teamed.


Did you hear that Luke Getsy?
Did you hear that Matt Eberflus?

I heard it, read it and thought I would rather have this five year guy running our offence instead of the nine year guy we have in Luke Getsy. A interesting fact is that Luke Getsy has been coaching offence since 2007, but Kellen Moore looks more experienced.

When you start thinking that a guy with five years of coaching experience is better than your current head coach and offensive coordinator, then you know it's time to move on.

Kellen Moore lost his job as offensive coordinator in Dallas last season. If you look at the team stats, the Chargers are 6th in completion percentage, and we saw Justin Herbert complete 15 passes in a row against us. The offense that bullied our defence on Sunday night are presently ranked high in most categories.

Now I looked up the Cowboys from last season, and they finished in the bottom when it came to completion percentage, and middle of the pack in other categories as well. However, they also traded Amari Cooper to the Browns in 2022 and it was widely regarded that the Cowboys missed Cooper in 2023.

Here is the thing. Kellen Moore was the offensive coordinator for four years in Dallas, and he has been calling offensive plays since 2019. He was a backup QB, and backup quarterbacks get a career in the NFL because they're very good at helping the starter to get ready for Sunday.

I'm not saying the next head coach will be an offensive coach or should be, but if we do change our head coach, then as I've said before on WCG, we will be drafting a rookie QB and Kellen Moore is not a bad choice to help a new rookie QB, certainly better than the current head coach and offensive coordinator are.

So maybe we saw our next head coach on Sunday night, we will see how the Chargers offence goes the rest of the season.

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