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Bears-Commanders keys to the game roundtable

Our writers try to unlock what Chicago can’t seem to unlock. The way to win a football game.

NFL: OCT 01 Commanders at Eagles Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Chicago Bears can’t win a game, seemingly ever. So maybe a short week can help them?

On the road, no less.

Things are bleak right now in Chicago. And now they go on the road to face a Washington Commanders squad that’s played up and down, but just took the Super Bowl runner-up Philadelphia Eagles to overtime.

Perhaps that extra football will catch up with them.

On the other hand, the Bears defense doesn’t seem like it can stop a pee-wee team.

What will it take to be victorious tonight? Our crew weighs in.

Sam Householder: Just win. I don’t care how. Losing 14 in a row is ridiculous, you have to find a way to win. Washington’s front four is ferocious, so you’re going to have to move Justin Fields out of the pocket and around just to keep him upright. Keep the game plan from the Broncos game but don’t expect the same results because the Commanders defense is actually good. Rely on the ground game to neutralize the Washington pass rush.

Defense, do something. Anything. I am begging you. Get off the field on third down and pressure Sam Howell. He’s a young, inexperienced QB but has weapons and a good OC. The still-banged-up secondary is going to have their hands full.

Josh Sunderbruch: My ideal plan has three steps. Step one, find the nearest village missing an idiot and drop off Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy as a two-for-one deal. Give them perfectly clear directions on how to get back to Halas Hall. Don’t worry. They’ll mess it up on their own. Step two, hold interviews for head coach asking only one question—on 4-and-1, who should get the ball—a tight end who doesn’t know how to use his frame or one of the most dynamic running QBs of his class? I didn’t think this would be a question, but here we are. Step three, hold interviews for defensive coordinator asking only one question—does this look like a roster than can make Tampa 2 work in 2023? Yes, it’s a trick question. Failing my ideal plan, just actually try to play aggressively for four quarters on both offense and defense.

Jack R Salo: I can’t even write this out without swearing, so I’ll substitute some of my favorite Bears players in.

Offense: Get your head out of your Halas. Run the Ditka ball and quit missing your Fencik-ing blocking assignments. Fields deserves better from his supporting cast not named DJ Moore. Not that either of them have been perfect so far, but they shouldn’t have to be. Figure this Sayers out.

Defense: Get your head out of your Halas. The lack of turnovers is still Payton-ing me off. Play in position! Get some pressure! Quit playing like a bunch of little Briggs-ches. If that Brian-stard Forte-ing Payton-ssy quarterback Sam Howell gets going passing the ball, run delayed corner blitzes to try to collapse the pocket. We can’t trust the interior to do a Dent thing on their own.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: The Bears need to confuse Washington QB Sam Howell with different rushes and different coverages. Eberflus blitzed more than usual last week, so keep that same energy and attack Howell from different angles. No QB in the NFL has been sacked more than Howell, and his five interceptions are tied for second most. Get him off his spot and don’t let him get comfortable diagnosing Chicago’s zone. On offense, run the passing game through D.J. Moore, and stick with Khalil Herbert in the run game.

Taylor Doll: Probably do what you did through three quarters last week and don’t stop. The offense looks efficient and play calling looked much better, Justin Fields looked like Fields and they were getting everybody involved which is what I shouted last week, way too many weapons offensively to not look at least functional. Defensively, try and find a way to get to Sam Howell, that is your best bet. I am really hoping we get some healthy DB’s back but shake up what you can defensively because everyone was gassed by the 4th, including me. Gotta win a game. Have to.