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Bears pair a surprisingly-dominant first half with a predictably-deflating second half that ultimately added up to victory over Commanders

Our Chicago Bears looked suspiciously good on national television for a full half game of football!

Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
Justin Fields looking to drop dimes and slay doubters.

I’ve finally learned my lesson about saying things can’t get any worse when it comes to our Chicago Bears, so I came into this game open to the possibility of the Bears redefining the depths of primetime humiliation.

Instead, the Bears balled out with their claws out and set the tone with a first quarter half that appropriately celebrated the glory of Fat Bear Week.

That felt good for a minute, even if we couldn’t shake the feeling that the other shoe was going to fall.

Box Score

1 + 2 + 3rd down = 6, baby

Fields looked to DJ Moore on 3rd and long twice on the opening drive for huge plays, the second one being the Bears' first touchdown and vindication for their decision to start with the ball. Washington gave the Bears a taste of what it’s like to play against their own defense on 3rd and long, and I have to say, it's much more fun to be on the other side.

Bears' defense gets a stop on 3rd and short

The jury’s still out on whether they can make a stop on 3rd and long, but this scrappy lil team is off to an impressive start!

Update: the Bears also got a stop on 3rd and long!

Fields and Mooney missing connections early

Once the most promising duo on the Chicago Bears, these two haven’t been in rhythm since week one. The pair failed to connect on two big opportunities with Mooney wide open in the first quarter.

Flus flips a different coin today on 4th and 1 in the red zone

And it comes up with 3 points of Cairo Santos boot. Bears can’t be stopped. 13 and 4. I called first!

DJ Moore over 100 yards in the first quarter

No big deal. We’ll see plenty of those to come. It would have been nice if they could have squeezed his second TD into the first quarter, but I still don’t mind the 500 yard 4 TD pace he set in the first.

Sam Howell thought his number 2 was DJ Moore

The Commanders quarterback through a would-be touchdown to a wide open number 2, but Dyami Brown didn’t flash DJ Moore’s closing speed or steady paws to bring the ball in.

Bears run D finds holes against a stout Washington D Line

Khalil Herbert found wide lanes for multiple early explosive runs. Roschon Johnson certainly got in on the fun, and Fields’ designed runs were the most effective they’ve been all season.

Greg Stroman gets a pick

This Bears defense is supposed to be all about takeaways. The Bears didn’t seem to get the memo in the first 4 weeks, but Stroman took “The ball” away from Sam Howell for the Bears’ first interception against a starting quarterback all season.

First of many?

Update: Stroman Jr. blitzed in the third for a rare Bears sack. The back-up corner is clearly stepping up to the challenge and is looking like one of the best Bears on defense.

So Justin Fields passing might be a thing

Last week, we had to wonder if it was just the bad Broncos defense. But Washington’s defense has been decent to date, and as I write this, Fields has 3 passing TDs, 189 yards at 10 yards per attempt despite multiple throwaways, and the Bears have 27 points in the first half and coming tantalizing close to points-burger territory.

Maybe this was Eberflus’ end-game all along

Maybe the first 21 games were all to lull the Washington Commanders into a false sense of security in order to drop a bomb on them in Thursday Night Football?

Flus cannot resist a soft zone

Up 27 to 3 was just too tempting a situation for Flus to not declare ultimate prevent defense for the rest of the game. His strategy slowed Washington to require a full 3 minutes to score their first 8 points of their comeback run. We can assume the Commanders will score on each of their remaining drives, so hopefully, the offense can keep up.

Get well soon, Khalil Herbert

The heroic young Bear bent his ankle to catch a last-minute low scrambling pass that would have kept the Bears first 3rd quarter drive alive. But the pass was called “incomplete,” and Herbert left the field injured. Hopefully, it’s on the owie end of the injury spectrum.

Update: Herbert only missed one drive, and it was the Bears worst. Coincidence?

Update 2: Herbert left again after his first carry, looking uncomfortable on his ankle.

Terrell Smith forces a fumble and recovers

This young Bears are really starting to HITS their stride. #flusendgame #13and4

Bears pass protection getting leaky

The Bears offense capitalized on the turnover in classic Bears fashion. By letting instant pressure on all three snaps of a 3 and out (well, technically, there were 4 snaps because the Bears got a false start in the middle). Bears are back on track to break their franchise record for the biggest lead before an eventual loss.

The Prevent defense prevented a touchdown!

I should have never doubted it. Washington’s 3rd offensive drive in the second half ended with a chip shot field goal.

“You don’t want to be too predictable and conservative as a playcaller”


Where did DJ Moore step out? WHERE?!?

Why are you not showing a closeup of his feet and the sideline Amazon? Who is paying you off? How much are they paying? Do you accept gofundme?

This Commanders’ receiving corps is so deep, Byron Pringle is an afterthought

The former prized free agent acquisition of the Bears offense is on Washington now?

The Bears defense stopped a 2-point try

They kept it from becoming a 1 score game! For now!

Bears actually blitzing in the 4th quarter

And it’s occasionally working? Could Eberflus be making an adjustment? Did he find the wikipedia page on Blitz (gridiron football)? Does he know the narrative and that it doesn’t look good for him? Is this a good thing?

Could the Bears actually win this thing?

The Bears are up 10 with 5 minutes left and just got the ball back... Could they actually pull it off? How many fullback runs will it takes?

DJ Moooooooooorrrreeeee

Thank you, beautiful Bear! We needed this. The game-sealing touchdown brings this Bear to 230 yards and 3 TDS. Awoooga.

Justin Fields has never looked this happy on the sideline in the 4th quarter.

Demarcus Walker sack, why not?

Are the Bears finally learning how to finish? Games and pressures?

The Bears couldn’t just give of 4 quarters of fun, could they? New plan: Build a 24 point lead in the first half every game. I truly believe the Bears would be able to win at least half of there games if they were able to follow that one first-half strategy.

Still, I’m more excited about Justin than I was at the start of the day. I may even be less fatalistic about the coaching staff.

Football games are often decided in the 2nd half. In the future, it might be a good idea for the Bears to play well in the second half.