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WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 5 - Bears In Review

Did this week give you hope for the season after all?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, WCG. Things feel a little better after a win, don’t they?

When we signed off last week, the Chicago Bears were 0-3, going up against the Broncos at 0-3, and all discussion at that point was wondering how soon and how many people were about to be fired.

Since then it’s been a complete rollercoaster between the Bears scoring 28 points (!) en route to blowing a 21-point lead (!!) to the winless Denver Broncos (!!!), then following that up with a 24-point first half (!!!!) against the Washington Commanders and then finishing the game in emphatic fashion with DJ Moore’s 3rd touchdown and a defensive performance that resulted in two takeaways and five sacks.

We’ve got two games with a lot to break down and we’re off next week, so we’re here today to make sense of it all.

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