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Animal Care League: Week 9’s Touchdown For Tails Chicagoland Rescue Of The Week

When the Bears win, so does our featured animal rescue of the week! Each week, we’ll feature a new Chicagoland animal rescue partner with whom we’ll team up. Whatever the amount, all donations (both time and money) are welcome. This week’s featured rescue is Animal Rescue League, located in Oak Park.

Oakland Athletics Bark in the Park Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images

It was back to the loss column for the Chicago Bears on Sunday night after they dropped their sixth game of year to the Los Angeles Chargers by a score of 30-13. So far, the Bears have not produced many wins on the football field but that hasn’t stopped us from being able to do some great things for many Chicago Land animal rescues! This week, we’ll be featuring our ninth rescue of the year, Animal Care League.

As always, here’s a breakdown of how Touchdown For Tails will work.

Each week, we will be featuring a new rescue. Within that week, you’ll have a few options to “bet” on. Now, when I say bet, what I really mean is, how much you’re willing to donate to the featured animal rescue organization of the week. Here’s how it’ll work.

  1. A Chicago Bears win = $25 donation
  2. Three-to-five Prop Bets: Hitting on the prop = $10 donation. Missing on the prop= $5

Ultimately, what I would like to do is make the Bears winning on the field as rewarding to our featured rescues as possible! Those of you who donate nine (or more) times throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at the end of the season to win a Chicago Bears Nike “Game” Jersey. The player and sizing will be of your choice. For each Chicago Bears win, I will personally donate $25. I will also choose one prop bet (brought to you by Draft Kings) that I will also “bet” on.

The ultimate goal of this is to get Bears fans more involved with the community around them. Football season is already the best time of year, so why not make it a little better by helping become a solution to a growing problem around the country? Every single dollar donated on a weekly basis will go directly to that featured rescue.

Week 9 “Things to bet on” (Brought to you by DraftKings)

Game: Chicago Bears (+7.5) over New Orleans Saints (-7.5) ($25 donation if the Bears win)

Non-Bettors “Bets”:

  1. Roschon Johnson to be Bears’ leading rusher. ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)
  2. Montez Sweat sacks (.5) Over/Under ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)

Prop Bets:

  1. Bears total team points (16.5): Over (-105)/Under (-115)
  2. Bears first drive result: Touchdown (+450), Punt (-155), Field Goal Attempt (+450), or Turnover (+550)

Touchdown For Tails Week 9 Rescue of the Week: Animal Care League


1011 Garfield St. Oak Park, IL 60304


Where To Donate:

Animal Care League was founded all the way back in 1973 as the Village Humane Society. This year, they are celebrating an incredible 50 years of service within the Chicago Land community, which is an amazing feat! Their ultimate goal is simple. They want to be able to safely house animals until they can find them the right home. Which is a big key to successful adoptions. In 2022 they broke ground on a major expansion to their current facility. They have currently completed two of their three phases in expansion, which has included completely re-working their existing spaces to help better accommodate the animals they already have.

The list of their current services offered includes the safe housing and adoption of animals, the Chatka Ruggerio low-cost spay/neuter clinic, and their dog training program.

Their mission statement is short, sweet, and to the point:

“Animal Care League is committed to providing shelter, medical care, and comfort to animals in need; reducing animal overpopulation; and acting as a community resource, thus promoting the human/animal bond.”

For more information about ways that you can get involved or help support one of the longest-running rescues in the area, please go to their website.

Featured Pets Of The Week

Please note that all animal bios are taken directly from the featured rescue’s website. These bios are put together by the animal’s current foster or someone with knowledge of each animal within the organization. For more information on a specific pet, please reach out to the rescue directly.

For a list of their adoptable animals, please visit

RANGER (5-Month-Old Male)

“Ranger is a 5 month old husky puppy who was found in Elmwood Park as a stray. Ranger is a classic husky; handsome, confident, and full of energy, and would thrive in a household that loves outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a hiking, playing, walking companion, look no further: submit an application for Ranger today!”

BUTTERFLY (2-Year-Old Female)

Dog Sociability: unsure/calm cat-savvy possible

Cat Sociability: Required w/ Bee

Kid compatibility: Cat-savvy kids of all ages

Ideal living Situation: Loving & cat-savvy home looking to give a sweet mother/daughter pair a forever home

“Meet Butterfly! Butterfly arrived at ACL with her daughter, Bee, after they were found abandoned in a carrier in the snow. This sweet mother/daughter pair love each other and it’s so sweet to see them interact and enjoy each others company. If you would like to meet Butterfly, Please fill out an application!”

LIL DEBBY (3-Year-Old Female)

“Meet Lil Debbie! She’s a cute little snack cake! Lil Debbie is extremely food motivated and will check your pockets for food. She’s also a ball of energy and loves to run zoomies in the yard! But she will slow down to get snuggles from humans. She has played well with puppies and is an adorable little girl. If you’re looking for some sugar and spice in your life, Lil Debbie might just be the girl for you! Apply to meet her today!”

JULES (1 1/2-Year-Old Male)

“Meet Jules! Jules is an adorable 1.5 year old lionhead-dwarf rabbit that is very curious and spirited. She came to us after someone found her abandoned in a carrier in an alley. We are so thankful that she is now safe with us! She is a bit on the skittish side and needs a very patient and gentle caregiver to help her build trust with humans. She would do best in a quiet and low-stress home where she has the opportunity to free roam outside of her enclosure and explore! She will also need an experienced caregiver that will be comfortable with handling her for regular grooming due to her long fur. We have yet to introduce her to other rabbits on speed dates but we think that she would do well with the right rabbit friend! Her adoption fee includes RHDV2 vaccination, microchip and spay surgery. Please contact us by filling out our adoption questionnaire if you’d like to meet Jules!”

More Resources For How To Get Involved

As a country, we have a homeless animal crisis on our hands that only seems to be getting worse by the day. Stray animals are found every day. With the volatility of the job market, more families are losing their homes and can no longer care for their pets. The list of reasons contributing to this issue runs long. That’s where we can all come in. Whether you want to volunteer, foster, or simply donate, it all makes a difference. For our family, getting involved with animal rescue has been a rewarding experience. While we might not always have the time to foster or volunteer our time, there are many ways to make an impact. Below are three links to check out if this is something you or your family might be interested in doing.

  1. Benefits of adopting a shelter dog
  2. Why volunteering at shelters or rescues makes a difference
  3. 10 reasons to foster a pet