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Spiegel: Poles gets weird at the trade deadline

Matt Spiegel joins the Bears Banter Podcast on the heels of the Montez Sweat trade!

Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

It’s been a wild week at Halas Hall as the Chicago Bears, recovering from a horrible loss on national television, have trade deadline drama with Jaylon Johnson and go out and acquire Montez Sweat from the Washington Commanders!

Matt Spiegel weighs in on all of it on the podcast!

Spiegel discussed the Johnson drama, his thoughts on Matt Eberflus, why the Bears continue to struggle year after year, and even talk a little Tyson Bagent and the Bears quarterback position moving forward, but, of course, Spiegel weighed in on the Montez Sweat trade!

“Ryan Poles is weird, man,” Spiegel stated. “I think he’s just weird at the trade deadline. Admittedly I am burned by the Chase Claypool deal, which is the worst thing he has ever done, but at least with Claypool gone, we don’t have to relive that trade over and over again watching Claypool and getting frustrated... But this is another high 2, it’s number 35 as it stands today, and that’s a lot to give up for someone who is about to be a free agent.”

Spiegel continued, “Maybe this goes along with an extension, and whoever traded for Montez Sweat was going to give him an extension, but that is a lot to give up for the guarantee of signing somebody when you could have signed somebody else or traded less for somebody else. And now you go into next year without a second-round draft pick?”

Spiegel knows this a lot to commit to one player when they have a long way to go. “This team is so far away from being really good. And that was just exposed last Sunday night in my opinion. The talent discrepancy between the Chargers and the Bears was vast. So it’s good that they add another really good player, but it takes away a very high draft pick when you need so much.”

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