Is there a culture change taking place in Halas Hall?

If you want to instill a new culture into an organization, you do not start with the workers. It must start from the top; it is the only way that it will last. When a new culture is implemented, it looks a lot like what has been happening to the Bears coaching staff, people will either get with the program or be let go. We do not know if this was a new problem or ones that had existed since last year, we do know that these dismissals happened after Kevin Warren was brought into the organization. It does not mean that these policies did not exist last year when Poles took over or if they have always existed. What we do know is that, in an NFL that has had scandal after scandal come out after it had been swept under the rug for years, under Ryan Poles and Kevin Warren this did not happen.

We all would like to have answers, but we must understand that the Bears are a private entity and are more than likely not disclosing anything because of legal reasons. We only know that Williams and Walker were dismissed because they were individuals that were visible in the organization. There could have been more let go that we do not know about. We have always envied teams that could take in players that had attitude problems or other issues successfully, they could do that because of their organization’s solid foundation. The Chicago Bears are working to become one of those teams. Next time a Carter falls to us in the draft we may be in a place to bring them in, what has transpired over the last several weeks are steps in that direction. Kevin Warren and Ryan Poles are keeping their house clean, whether you like them or not…you at least have to respect them for that.

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