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So what was up Matt Eberflus’ sleeves?

Give us your best guess as to what was up Eberflus’ sleeves on Thursday night in Soldier Field...

By now, you've all seen Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus' halftime interview on Amazon Prime when he said...

"We're excited about this second half; we got some things up our sleeves."

Chicago's second-half performance featured just seven points and ninety yards, but they hung on for a 16 to 13 win against the Carolina Panthers.

The second question he was asked at his post-game press conference was about what may or may not have been up his sleeves and if he was able to use what he was anticipating.

"No, no, we didn't, but we certainly had a good plan coming out there. Again, it was a defensive game this week, and I thought the guys did a really nice job finishing the game the way we're supposed to, and we did good."

The follow-up question was also about his halftime interview, but this time, Eberflus got a laugh from the media.

We may never find out what he or his fellow coaches had up their sleeves, but that doesn't mean we can't kick around some ideas here at WCG.

Down in the comment section, we want you guys to give us your best guess at what Coach ‘Flus had up his sleeves for the Panthers.

You can check out his full presser here.