Does Matt Eberflus have a trick up his sleeve to save his job

Everyone and I have already moved on from Matt Eberflus. I've written before that I leave him at the station with Luke Getsy. Many are looking at who the next head coach will be, and I've joined them in wondering.

Does Matt Eberflus have an excuse up his sleeve that will save his job?

The answer is yes, yes he does, he has a few excuses.

You can say what you want about Matt Eberflus's press conferences. I see someone who is not comfortable speaking publicly, and I can relate. I can't help but wonder if people would view his press conferences more positively if we had a better win/lose record in his time as our head coach.

I don't care what is said or not said in a press conference. I care about how our team is performing, and there has been a noticeable improvement in our defence since Matt Eberflus took over the defensive play calling. Considering he was hired based on his defensive background, you would expect this, and if Matt Eberflus is going to save his job, this is the least we should expect.

Da Bears' General Manager surprised people in the NFL by trading for pass rusher Montez Sweat. I have been shouting about pass rushers since Mack was traded to the Chargers, as we desperately needed a pass rusher to make us better. With an improving defence, a better pass rusher and players back from injuries. Then maybe the real Matt Eberflus defence can finally stand up.

If you haven't read my super-awesome and award-winning in-my-mind Race for the North articles, you will know I had us winning the North with a 9-8 record. I had us on 4-6 at this stage of the season because the Panthers win was the start of us winning six of our remaining games.

If that were to happen, then that means we would've gone 3-3 in NFC North games by beating the Lions once, beating the Vikings without Cousins and finally beating the Packers. This would give me, and it should give you confidence we can compete in the North.

After what I saw in week 10 from the Lions and the Browns, I find it hard to see us beating either of them, but we can certainly beat the Vikings, Cardinals, Falcons and Packers to finish with seven wins.

Seven wins? That is an improvement of 4 wins from last season and something we would've all accepted before we all tricked ourselves into believing we could do more in the off-season. Seven wins would be a great trick for Matt Eberflus to pull from his sleeve and would most likely save his job.

There are plenty of excuses and good reasons to keep Matt Eberflus, but certain things must happen in our remaining games for Matt Eberflus to be saved. The bigger problem for Matt Eberflus is Luke Getsy is still his offensive coordinator, and I just don't believe Luke Getsy's play calling won't cost us a couple of wins.

Luke Getsy could be the sole reason why Matt Eberflus loses his job at the end of the season. If he doesn't, then Matt Eberflus got out of this season with at least seven wins, or George McCaskey pulled an "I don't want to pay two head coaches in 2024" excuse out from his sleeve.

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