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Meagher: Lions O.C. Ben Johnson calls the best game I’ve ever seen

VSIN’s Patrick Meagher joins the Bears Banter Podcast!

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The Chicago Bears are preparing for a game against the Detroit Lions but what’s interesting about this game isn’t what the Lions have on the field, but what the Lions have on the sidelines. Lions Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson is arguably going to be the hottest head coaching candidate in the NFL after this season. If the Bears part ways with Matt Eberflus and have one of the top two picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, an offensive head coach makes a lot of sense. Is Johnson destined for greatness as a head coach? We spoke with lifelong Detroit Lions fan Patrick Meagher who now hosts on VSIN/Draft Kings to break down his team’s offensive coordinator.

“As a play caller, Ben Johnson dances through a game like nobody I’ve ever seen,” said Meagher, high praise, no doubt. He talked about how he loves what he’s seen from him as a coordinator, but can he make the jump to head coach?

“We have literally no clue if he can do a completely different job which is CEO,” Meagher explained. “We know he’s 37, 38 years old, we know he went to North Carolina, we know he’s a mathematics major, we know that about him and we know he calls a brilliant offense. But the Chargers are going to be calling, the Bears are going to be calling for Ben Johnson, teams are going to fire their head coach to try to get Ben Johnson and we have no clue if he can lead a team.”

That’s always going to be the question with these coordinators is can they make the jump? Meagher said that the media around the Lions believes he has the mental demeanor to make that jump, but nobody will know until he’s in that position.

We also discussed plenty more about the Lions, the Bears season, Matt Eberflus, Justin Fields and even Jason Benetti heading to Detroit! To check out the video of the interview with Patrick, you can check that out here:

Or you can check out the full episode of a jam-packed podcast below!