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Bears dominate most of the game but cowardly coaching decisions predictably hand the win to the Lions at the end

Are the days when Bears fans can take comfort in at least being able to dominate one pathetic team at an end?

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
QB1 is back, baby!

Justin Fields is back, the Chicago Bears are on the longest winning streak of the Matt Eberflus era at 1 consecutive wins, and we’re playing a franchise that historically crumbles under the pressure of ursine might. This could be a good week!

Justin Fields comes out on fire

The first play of the Bears offense was a throwaway, and at 2nd and 10, it was hard not to feel like we were in for a classic Bears 3 and out hope-suck. The next play Fields scampered to the left for an easy 11 yard gain, then continued to push the offense down the field with scorching on-target passes and thunderous runs. That’s our quarterback.

Tyrique Stevenson paws one in!

The young Bear has bobbled a couple in his rookie season, but this one came too fast for him to overthink it and he nabbed it instinctually. No doubt the first of many.

Update: Stevenson followed up his pick with a forced fumble on a Detroit Lions kickoff return in the 3rd. Takeaway Tyrique!

Cole Kmet might be starting to play up to his size

The big Bear has been breaking tackles with pleasantly surprising frequency over the past few games. There have been frustrating moments in his development, but if he keeps up the standard he’s set in the past few games, he’ll be a valuable staple in this passing offense moving forward.

Dan Feeney comes in for injured Lucas Patrick

Looks like Cody Whitehair thoroughly descended in the depth chart.

Bears' defense still has the third and long magic

The Bears defense has been playing better the last few weeks, but when an opportunity comes to play soft coverage and rush four at third and long, Eberflus just can’t help himself.

Update: The Bears doubled down on their “give them 10 yards” defensive philosophy for the Lions 2 minute drill at the end of the half, allowing the Lions a leisurely prowl for a touchdown to take the lead.

Not so great, Scott

Bears were starting to look like they might be buying into the “T” in Eberflus’ infamous HITS acronym, with two interceptions in the first half. But rookie Tyler Scott fell victim to a peanut punch, fumbling the ball in Lions territory and giving the kitties a short field they were able to take advantage of. Whoopsie.

Fields to Mooney is my new favorite throw of the game

Rolling left with pressure in his face, Fields fired a bullet 24 yards hitting Darnell Mooney in stride. Perfection. No notes.

DJ Moore wills the Bears to a first down

The RAC-happy Bear slipped out of an ankle tackle on third and long then trucked through two Lions at the line to gain to push his way into a Bears first late in the second quarter. Strong bear.

Bears taking their time on offense

The Bears had two delay-of-game penalties and a forced timeout to prevent a third. Not idea.

There’s the Fields to Moore deep ball

We haven’t seen enough of those two connecting deep yet this season, but to be fair, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get enough of it. The first few deep throws we saw leave Justin’s bloody throwing hand ended in disappointment, which was a perfect setup for delight when one finally connected in the end zone. Perfectly scripted.

Gervon Dexter Sr. and Tremaine Edmunds team up for a 3rd Goff pick

The big new Bears lineman has been slowly making his presence more and more valuable as the season has gone on and he contributed to a big play in the third, tipping a Goff pass into the eager arms of Bears superstar linebacker acquisition Trenaine Edmunds.

First Bears sack for Montez Sweat

The new Bear has been an instant upgrade for the Bears' defensive line and made his presence known with multiple pressures in last week's win. But it’s more fun—and more impactful—to get the actual sack. There’s nothing quite like watching a healthy Bear throw down a rival quarterback with a delightfully sackable face like Jared Goff’s!

The Bears' run game has hit its stride

It starts with Justin Fields' mighty haunches, but all three running backs and the offensive line are working well together to maintain the strength of this Bears offense even when defenders know what’s coming. It’s fun to watch.

Just when the Bears' offense starts to look competent

I get you want to run out the clock when you’re up with 3 minutes left. I get running the ball up the middle is a way to run out the clock. I don’t get doing that over and over when it’s clear Detroit’s entire defense is primed to stop that exact play because you are the most painfully predictable offense in the history of the NFL.

Now the game rests in the hands of the Bears' predictable “prevent” defense.

Update: the Bears' prevent defense went as expected.

The Bears almost showed they can stay aggressive and finish a game, but gave it away at the end with a waste of the last offensive drive and an excruciatingly predictable soft defense to give the Lions a final touchdown.


No postgame podcast/video today, so we’ll see you guys all tomorrow on Bear & Balanced for our day after recap/therapy session.