I can't wait for the next game against the Detroit Lions

We went into Ford Field with a glimmer of hope, and given no chance, we came out of Ford Field wondering once again, how did we manage to lose that game?

We had them, but in two key moments where we could've delivered a knockout punch, we failed to land, and then the Lions roared they were for real.

The first such moment came before the end of the first half when Jaylon Johnson read Jared Goff, but couldn't come up with an interception that could've gone all the way. If you want to be paid like a top cornerback, then these are the game-changing plays you need to be able to make.

The second, and what would've been a more decisive knockout punch, was a perfectly thrown deep ball by Justin Fields that Tyler Scott could not pull in. It looked to me that Scott pulled up to locate the rock, and that cost him the catch.

In a game where our defence has proved what I and many have said about Jared Goff, there is a ceiling with him and a reason the Los Angeles Rams traded him. We still lost to a team with coaches who know how to get the best out of their players, an offensive coordinator who took the ball out of the hands of Goff and trusted our ex-running back to get the tough yards.

The Lions trusted Goff and Montgomery to make the plays when the Lions needed them. Our offensive coordinator decided not to trust Justin Fields running and called a obvious running play up the gut on first down. Instead of going for a deep pass to Moore or Mooney on second down, he predictable goes for a gut run and then trusts a rookie to make a much-needed catch on third down.

I said last week that Matt Eberflus could save his job, but to do so, he had to beat the Lions, this was his shot. When it came to the last 4 minutes, I knew he would give Goff the easy underneath stuff and that had me worried.

Matt Eberflus always keeps our defence deep and allows easy yards underneath, like he did at the end of the first half. It's always risky, as it only takes one very well-executed play to get to the endzone, and the Lion's coaches are pretty good.

Sadly, our coaches are not that good and make no mistake about it. This loss is on our coaches. I feared Luke Getsy would cost us a few wins, and he is responsible today, but so is Matt Eberflus. Our stand-off and given free yards on defence approach and just the wrong play calls at the wrong time cost us.

It's a heart-breaking but not unexpected end to the game. Despite losing a game we probably should've won, I enjoyed that game. It was nail-biting fun.

I'm very much looking forward to future games against the Detroit Lions because it doesn't matter what our records are. The games against the Lions will always be a flip of a coin, and I'm looking forward to more.

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