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Hot Take Tuesday: Eberflubbed!

The incoherent ramblings of a belligerent Bears fan

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Have any of you ever seen Blue Chips? If you haven't, it's a great movie from the 1990s about college basketball starring Nick Nolte.

After the season wraps up and Western University fails to reach the postseason, head coach Pete Bell (Nolte) tells his assistant coaches how bad the team is. One assistant coach chimes in, "But yeah, they're a great group of guys, Coach." And Nolte responds, "Yeah, they're a great group of guys, but not one of them can play basketball."

That’s Matt Eberflus. He may be a great guy, but he can't be a head coach.

You've started hearing plenty of media members talk about Eberflus being a great guy. I have to be honest; why should I care? I mean, I'd rather him be a great guy than an ass, but if you asked me if I could have Matt Eberflus or prime Bill Belichick coach my team, I'm not too worried about personalities in that choice.

If there is any support remaining for Eberflus at Halas Hall, then we need to start questioning Halas Hall. Ryan Poles, you can draft Darnell Wright, you can pull off a heist with the Carolina Panthers, you can find Braxton Jones in the 5th round, but I don't care how many positives you put on the field; if you still believe that man should lead your team, then you need to be shown the door with him.

Matt Eberflus is steadily proving that he's a solid defensive coordinator. Not an amazing one, but solid. He's cleaned up the pieces from the Alan Williams debacle (both on and off the field). It took a few weeks, but he has this defense playing pretty well, for the most part, but when he needs to make decisions that impact the game, he fails. Over and over again.

His record speaks for itself. Oh, last year was intentional. Fine, let's just look at this year. It wasn't bad enough that the Chicago Bears blew the biggest lead in franchise history earlier this year to the Denver Broncos; now they've done something that no team has done in the last 90 years of football. Hold onto the ball for 40 or more minutes, go +3 or better in turnover margin, and lose the football game.

I remember when the Bears gave up back-to-back 50 burgers in 2014 to the Patriots and Packers, they remain the only NFL team to do that besides some expansion team in the 1920s that went defunct. When the losses reach historic levels, that's when it's time for a chance. Marc Trestman was historically bad in 2014. Matt Eberflus is historically bad in 2023.

Eberflus continues to be Eberflustered at the podium. He tried to explain his rationale for the field goals in the fourth quarter during the postgame show, and he mixed up the situation for each 4th down. Whether it's him or Luke Getsy (or both), when they try to protect a lead, they go ultra-conservative and begin to "play not to lose," and we know exactly how those games always end.

For the first time ever, Eberflus actually said the Bears need to coach better, as well as the players executing. Perhaps someone got to him and told him you don't sound like a leader when you point fingers. But that's what Eberflus does, he blames others for the failures, and he takes credit for the successes (go listen to Monday's press conference and listen to him shoehorn in some compliments to himself). He is not a leader of men. He should not be in charge of a professional football team.

The coaching change has to be inevitable. The Bears keep talking about what they need to see from Justin Fields down the stretch, but Ryan Poles and Kevin Warren better be having internal discussions about the same tryout for Matt Eberflus. And certainly, after Sunday, he failed. If Justin Fields had gone out against the Detroit Lions and thrown for 75 yards on a 40% completion rate and turned the ball over 4 times would we still be saying, maybe Justin could turn it around still? No, we, as fans, would know the writing is on the wall. So, if Eberflus has the coaching version of that outcome, the result better be the same.

No team executes perfectly at every position, on every play for 60 minutes. So yes, there were some missed tackles, yes, there were some dropped interceptions, and the Bears' play wasn't perfect, but it was more than sufficient. In fact, it was quite good. But Matt Eberflus still says they need to execute better.

With Mitch Trubisky, he needed the perfect offensive line, the perfect weapons, and the perfect playcaller to succeed. If that's the case, then the conclusion is that Mitch isn't the guy. If Eberflus needs perfect execution for a win, then he isn't the guy. It's really not hard.

Ryan Poles, I hope you have the fourth quarter of that game playing on a loop in your office. I hope you stare at the horror over and over and over again. I hope you burn it into your brain that this coach is not the answer. You have a chance to have this franchise do it right and line everything up for a change. Don't blow that opportunity. Give the Bears fans something they haven't had in a long time: hope.

Quick Hits

  • Gervon Dexter had his best game as a pro on Sunday. He keeps showing improvement.
  • Matt Eberflus needs to look at his defensive line rotations and make sure Montez Sweat gets more snaps.
  • Tyrique Stevenson continues to show that he will be a legit NFL corner.
  • Luke Getsy really called a 3rd and 9 play with the game on the line where the second option after DJ Moore was Tyler Scott. Not Cole Kmet, not Darnell Mooney, Tyler Scott.
  • I wanted to see Dan Feeney to see if he was an upgrade over Lucas Patrick. I'm done with that. Nevermind.
  • Larry Borom had a 0.0 pass block grade from PFF in his 2 snaps for Braxton Jones.
  • When under pressure against Detroit, Justin Fields was 7 for 11 for 89 yards, 1 touchdown, and no interceptions.
  • DJ Moore now has 1 more yard and 1 less touchdown than he had all of last season in Carolina with 6 games to go.
  • Teven Jenkins continues to be the anchor of the offensive line. He allowed no pressures against a solid Detroit front.
  • I'm thankful that Matt Eberflus only has 6 games left in his tenure (Right? Right? RIGHT?)