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Chicago Bears Reacts Week 12 Confidence Survey

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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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We’d be having a much different conversation this week if there was some way we could erase those last four minutes of the game against the Detroit Lions. Through 56 minutes, the Chicago Bears were the better football team. Quarterback Justin Fields was the best player on the field. And we weren’t quite as annoyed by the play calling from offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and head coach (and defensive coordinator) Matt Ebeflus.

But those last four minutes...


Blowing a 12-point lead against the Lions wasn’t even the worst thing that happened on Sunday.

According to Doug Colletti, ESPN 1000’s statistics guru via @WaddleandSilvy, since 1932, no NFL team that had a plus-three turnover margin and over forty minutes in time of possession had ever lost a game. Teams meeting that criteria were 48-0 until the Bears blew it yesterday in Detroit.

Eberflus has now had two all-time historic losses this season, the first of which was the franchise’s worst 21-point blown lead against the Broncos in week four.

Things haven’t reached Trestman levels of dysfunction, but the frustration with the losses has to be getting to the players.

The Bears play next on Monday night in Minnesota, followed by their bye week and then a rematch with the Lions.

Barring a miraculous run to close out the year, I can’t see how Eberflus returns for a third season.

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