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10 things to be thankful for regarding the Chicago Bears this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, it’s easy to be negative about the Chicago Bears, so let’s show some positive things this year.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s really easy to be negative about this year’s Chicago Bears team. Between poor coaching, assistants mysteriously being fired, an injury to Justin Fields and the general 3-8 record, there’s not too many positives.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any positives. So this Thanksgiving, instead of complaining about what the Bears don’t have, let’s be thankful for what the Bears do have.

10. Cole Kmet

I honestly never thought Kmet would be this good. He’s never going to be a top three TE in the league, but he’s made himself a top 10 tight end and a reliable target for Justin Fields. Kmet is locked in and will be a key piece of the offense moving forward.

9. A developing defensive line

This unit isn’t good, but it’s showing signs of life. DeMarcus Walker played well against Detroit and Montez Sweat tallied his first sack in a Bears uniform. Gervon Dexter also continues to develop. The Bears need at least one more impact guy up front, but it has taken a step closer to respectability.

8. An eye for UDFAs

Nobody relies too much on UDFAs, nor should they, but Ryan Poles has had some success there in just two offseasons. His first year, he found Jack Sanborn who has already proven that he’s a legitimate NFL linebacker and this year, he landed Tyson Bagent, and while we don’t need to relive the who Bagent-mania, it’s certainly impressive to find a QB2 as a UDFA.

7. The running game

Ryan Poles quietly put together a fantastic running back room. Their are three deep at the position and even when there are injuries, they continue to churn out yardage. Not to mention, this room is incredibly affordable. Next year they still have Khalil Herbert and Roschon Johnson returning on rookie deals.

6. T.J. Edwards

While Tremaine Edmunds hasn’t lived up to his contract, TJ Edwards has far surpassed his. Edwards has been the most impactful defender for the Chicago Bears all season long and is showing no signs of slowing up. Edwards will be a part of this defense moving forward, regardless of who is coaching.

5. Jaylon Johnson

Johnson may have missed the opportunity for a massive 95-yard pick six that would have cemented him a huge contract, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s been consistently one of the top corners in the league. Johnson seems headed to the franchise tag as PFF recently named him the top free agent cornerback available.

4. Darnell Wright & Teven Jenkins

The offensive line doesn’t have a center, something Ryan Poles will have to correct this offseason, but these two young studs are showing that they are huge pieces for this offense moving forward. If Jenkins remains healthy the rest of the season, it may be time for Poles and company to start discussing a contract extension.

3. Justin Fields

I don’t know if Justin Fields is going to be the Bears quarterback here next season, but I’m certainly going to enjoy watching him play the last six games of the season. He’s the most electric quarterback the Bears have ever had. He’s now showing he’s a legitimate NFL QB, it’s just going to be a complicated decision as to how this team handles the position in 2024.

2. DJ Moore

How awesome is it to have DJ Moore on this team? Moore already has the 29th best receiving season in Bears history and he still has 6 games to play. Moore needs 620 yards over the last 6 games to break Brandon Marshall’s single-season receiving record of 1508 yards. He needs to average 103 yards per game to do it. In games where Fields has started, he’s currently averaging 97 so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

1. The Carolina Panthers

Look, the Panthers decision to trade for Bryce Young and subsequent awful season has really set the Chicago Bears up in an almost unprecedented fashion. Ryan Poles has high-quality draft capital coming out of his ears, and this is the type of situation that can turn a franchise around. Now, it’s just up to the Chicago Bears to take advantage of it (gulp!).

Have hope Bears fans, the cupboard is not bare. The organization just has to make a couple of correct decisions, and they can actually turn this thing around. Have hope.