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A Scout’s Take on Recent Bears Topics as We Await Tonight’s Win!

Greg Gabriel is picking the Bears to win tonight and droppong some thoughts on the franchise while he waits...

2021 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Hardly a day goes by when there is not something brought up on X that leads to discussion among Chicago Bears fans. I always take note of these "topics" as they can usually give me something to write about. The following are my thoughts on some recent Bears talking points.

Albert Breer on Kevin Warren

When a national writer brings up a subject, especially when it comes to the Bears, it always brings about questions. Recently, MMQB writer Albery Breer mentioned that Bears President Kevin Warren could get more involved in football operations decisions.

At least ten people on X must have asked me if this is true. The way I answered the question was to say, "If you take what was said, it was basically Breer's opinion that Waren would get more involved in football decision-making." Breer stated no facts to come up with this hypothesis other than what he "heard." Well, "hearing" means nothing. My view is he was strictly guessing based on the Bears' season to date and several people thinking there will be a coaching change.

A few weeks back, FMIA writer Peter King stated on ESPN1000 that he felt Matt Eberflus would be fired if the Bears had lost that Thursday night game at Washington. Being that I have known Peter for close to 40 years, I sent him a text and asked, "Is this something you know or something you think." His answer was, "It was nothing more than what I think. I have no idea what the Bears will do."

Just like with Breer's article, people jumped to the conclusion that it was a fact that Flus would be fired. Trust me, many of these national writers do not know much more than most fans on many individual team topics. They get a "gut" feeling and go with it. That's fine, but it doesn't make it true.

As President of the Bears, it's Kevin Warren's job to be involved in football ops. By that, I mean he wants to know why certain decisions are made. When I worked for the Bears, Ted Phillips did the same. Jerry Angelo was the ultimate "decision maker" when it came to important football decisions, but Ted always knew what would happen.

In a General Manager's contract, he has control over all of football operations. As such, he makes the final decision. Could Keven Warren want to be more involved in the decision-making process? Sure, that is his contractual right, but still, the "final decisions" come from the General Manager.

Many Fans Feel Jim Harbaugh Will be the Next Head Coach of the Bears

Don't count me as being in that group. In fact, Harbaugh would be the last person I would want to be the Bears' Head Coach. I don't care what kind of a job he did in San Francisco; that was close to 10 years ago. The game has changed, and so has he. I personally don't feel today's NFL player would respond to Harbaugh's personality.

If we look at the facts, Harbaugh has been just about begging to return to the NFL for the last two or three coaching cycles. He has been interviewed, and the fact remains that no team wanted him. He felt he had the Minnesota job "locked up," and that wasn't close to being true. He wasn't even the favorite for the job.

Two years ago, Harbaugh lobbied to be interviewed for the Bears' Head Coaching job. He did not receive one. The fact is, Jim Harbaugh may be a fan favorite and a favorite of some in Chicago media, but he is not considered a good candidate by anyone in the NFL. He has been involved in several controversies while at Michigan, with some being recruiting violations and, more recently, a cheating controversy. The Big Ten and the University have already suspended Harbaugh Twice for these infractions, but the NCAA has yet to act, and when they do, there could very well be more suspensions. If, in fact, the NCAA does suspend Harbaugh, he will not be able to take an NFL job while under suspension. There is precedent in the League going back years of not allowing a coach under suspension to avoid that suspension by coaching in the NFL.

Many of you may want Harbaugh to be the Bears' head coach, but my feeling is his chances are little to none!

Will the Bears use the highest of their first-round picks on a quarterback?

A month ago, I may have agreed that the Bears would use that high pick on a quarterback, but I no longer feel that way. First, the two leading college quarterbacks (USC's Caleb Williams and North Carolina's Drake Maye) have not played well in the last month. The truth be told, Willimas has been awful. There is no denying his talent or Maye's, but would they be an upgrade to Justin Fields? Right now, based on the way Fields has played his last four games, I don't think anyone can say that. The fact is, Justin Fields isn't the reason the Bears are losing. He has played well enough for the team to win several games. There are several other reasons as to why the Beras keep losing, and most lead to coaching decisions.

My gut feeling is if the Bears end up with one of the top two picks in the Draft with Carolina's pick, they will trade it much like Ryan Poles traded the top pick last year. Trading the pick would be a much better scenario for the Bears to upgrade their roster.

How far down could the Bears trade? That remains to be seen as we need to find out what the Draft order will be and who wants or is in need of a QB. We won't know the answer to that question until at least February.

If the Bears still end up drafting in the Top Five, I do not believe they will use that high pick on Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. I could give you at least ten reasons why, but that is for another day when we actually find out how high the Bears highest first-round pick will be.

Enjoy the Bears' win tonight!