Bears offensive coordinator has questionable play calling against Vikings

The Chicago Bears were able to pull out a thrilling 12-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Chicago's last prime-time game of the season. This victory was notable for a couple reasons within the Bears' organization. One being that it is Matt Eberflus' first NFC North win and the teams first since Matt Nagy's Thanksgiving win over Detroit in 2021. But, the more obvious reason is that the Bears managed to win without scoring one touchdown the entire game. All the scoring came via Cairo Santos and the field goal unit.

Now, you could blame a number of different factors for this lack of crossing the goal line. Sure Justin Fields had two fumbles late in the game that costed some good-looking drives, but I think one point of examination should be the playbook of Luke Getsy.

According to NFL Next Gen Stats, of Justin Fields' 37 passing attempts on Monday night, 16 of them were either at or behind the line of scrimmage. While I'm all for getting the ball to your playmakers in space, little to none of these screens actually resulted in a gain of significant yardage.

This style of play calling directly combats Justin Fields' style of play. We all know he's a playmaker, so he should be put in a position where he can do that. He's an extremely mobile quarterback that time and time again turns what looks like a sack into a big yardage play.

I'm all for mixing in a screen here and there to get DJ Moore or Darnell Mooney involved, but I believe that calling plays that compliment Justin Fields' play style will directly result in higher offensive production.

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