I'm sick and tired of seeing an embarrassing offense

I had other plans to write and even made a joke on Twitter about seeing a tweet saying a key point around a potential idea I had for an article. I even wrote half of an article on something else before the game against the Minnesota Vikings, then I watched the game.

I'm more of an offensive guy than a defensive guy. I've always loved watching offence, but I'm consistently given an offence by Chicago that does nothing more than embarrass me. Every season I watch, it's just one embarrassing offence after another, and I'm sick of it.

How in the hell can you have multiple turnovers in a game from your defence and still not get any points? How did we almost still lose another game we dominated?

I believe Ryan Poles should be safe, and I think Matt Eberflus might be our head coach in 2024. I'll talk about this some other time, but for now, I'm going talk about our offence, and I'm about to go off.


How do you not have an imagination Luke Getsy?

You were part of a staff in Green Bay that helped Aaron Rodgers become back-to-back MVPs. When the going gets tough, why is your only play call screen plays? Surely, Luke Getsy knows there is more to a playbook than screen plays?

I get we are facing a blitz-happy team that keeps bringing the heat, and I understand screens are a counter to it, but even a Minnesota rookie pointed out by Troy Aikman sees it coming.

I'm a fan who lives in Scotland, and I have never been to a game of football in my 46 years. Yet, even I know if a team is constantly blitzing, run plays up the middle. Either do slants with one of your MANY speedsters at wide receiver or have Fields run up the middle, throw it over the middle with a curl move back to the QB. There are SO many other options besides Screens, I'm starting to wonder if Luke Getsy's surname really is Getsy and not Screen.

Our defence has looked pretty good recently, and hats off to Matt Eberflus. They looked like a top-ranked defence against the Vikings, and I believe they are in some categories. Matt Eberflus might be safe because he has delivered a defence we can win football games with. Granted our offence has someone that knows more than one play.

I don't know right now if Matt Eberflus is safe, but one thing I am sure about is that heads have to roll after yet another offensive performance that was embarrassing. Fire Luke Getsy now and get one of our players' dogs to call plays. A dog would probably be much better, but Ken Dorsey or another human would likely be a better choice.

It's getting so bad that I'm starting to get mad at Justin Fields and questioning whether he is capable of being a franchise quarterback who can say no to his offensive coordinator, stand up for his teammates and say no, you're hurting us with your play calling, screen plays don't work.

Am I being too harsh on Justin Fields? He did fumble twice, but one came after a second down screenplay that forced Justin Fields to try and make a play on third down.

I just don't get it. Why is it a constant thing in Chicago? Why are we forever doomed to have embarrassing offences?

The only thing I'm sure of right now is that someone needs to take the blame for this, and it will either be Luke Getsy or Justin Fields (or both), but I don't think it will be Matt Eberflus.

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