Jaquan Brisker makes hilarious gesture to Vikings fans

The Bears defense had a field day against Vikings replacement quarterback Josh Dobbs on Monday night. The Vikings offense was only able to muster ten points on 242 total yards as Dobbs threw FOUR interceptions. One of which came by way of second year safety Jaquan Brisker. Dobbs attempted a deep pass over the middle that was deflected off the hands of Vikings wide-receiver Jordan Addison and was caught by Brisker.

After being downed on the Bears' 35 yard-line, Brisker ran to the end zone and did the infamous Vikings "SKOL" chant right in front of the thousands of Minnesota fans. The move wouldn't come back to bite him, as the Bears eventually pulled out the win, but there was an incident where imitating the "SKOL" chant backfired tremendously.

It was Sean Payton when he was head coach of the Saints. Payton participated in the "SKOL" as it appeared the Saints would win a huge road playoff game. And what followed after that was the infamous "Minneapolis Miracle" where Stefon Diggs scored a last-second touchdown to knock the Saints out of the playoffs.

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