Why scoring touchdowns are overrated

In the Chicago Bears Monday night bout against the Minnesota Vikings, the team won despite not being able to score a touchdown the entire game.

Now, at first I was just as mad as the rest of the fanbase. How could we accumulate a decent amount of yards and still just not score a touchdown? Not to mention, we also had FOUR turnovers that occurred close to midfield, giving us ideal field position multiple times.

But then I had an epiphany: touchdown are completely overrated. Think about it, scoring seven points is the easy way to win a football game. Scoring three points at a time is so much grittier and harder that it's so much more impressive. If the Bears can win a game while not scoring a touchdown, think about what they can do if they actually cross the goal-line.

To further prove the overvalue of scoring touchdowns, think about this: the Vikings had one touchdown, the Bears had none. Who won? The Bears. Therefore field goals > touchdowns.

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