Race for the North: Second Quarter review and a look at the Third Quarter


First off, I forgot all about bye weeks and in Quarter 2, both the Lions and Packers had a bye week, my bad.

So Lions vs. Chargers and Packers vs. Steelers are games from quarter 3.

Now that correction is out of the way. The one thing that has surprised me in quarter 2 is the NFC South not playing as strong as I thought they would. Desmond Ridder is not the answer for the Falcons, the Bucs have come back to earth, and the Saints at home needed five turnovers to beat us.

It sucks to see Kirk Cousins go down for the year, especially since I always felt Minnesota would move on from him after this season.

I'll always stick with my preseason picks but I do mention who I would pick today to win.

Second Quarter Review


I had the Lions losing to the Ravens, and they did get whopped, but I have the Ravens winning the Super Bowl for a reason. They're going whoop a lot of teams.

The Lions beat the Bucs and Raiders to go 2-1. They're now 6-2 and one ahead of the Vikings, who they don't play till weeks 15 and 17. I have no idea why both games are so late, but it's weird.


I had the Vikings going 2-2, but they went 4-0, I did mention they could easily go 4-0 or 1-3, Vikings do play on a knife edge.

They made a huge statement in quarter 2. They should've lost to us, but that win gave them a confidence boost, as they went on to beat the 49ers, something I gave them no chance to do.

They surprised me again by beating the Falcons, and I had Falcons beating Vikings with Cousins. Thank you Falcons, for letting yourself and the fans down, and more importantly, letting me down who picked you to win.


I had the Packers going 0-3 in Quarter 2, but they managed to beat the Rams with Matthew Stafford out. They got the Saints when Carr was injured, and then the Rams without Stafford. I'm pretty sure they would've lost if Stafford started.

Either way, the Packers are not a good football team, and that is a lot of fun to type. The Rams win moves them further away from the number 1 draft pick, that is a plus.


It was another meh quarter for Da Bears, but something I predicted it would be. However, I had us going 1-3, and oh wait, we did go 1-3. I got something spot on in quarter 2, shame it's the one thing I would've preferred to be wrong about.

We really should've beat the Vikings. Chargers whopped us, and after giving up five turnovers, we should've been whopped by the Saints but had a shot in the fourth quarter.

Quarter 3 Prediction – Week 10 to Week 13

Both Bears and Vikings have a bye in week 13, so there is only three games for both in this quarter.


The Lions have the Chargers, Bears, Packers and Saints. I had them going 1-3 in the preseason and only beating the Packers.

If I was to predict right now, I think the Lions have a shot at 4-0, but 3-1 or 2-2 is more likely.

Packers should be an easy win, and sadly, I had the Bears going 1-1 with the Lions and winning the first game. However, I think the Lions go 2-0 over us.

I don't know about the Chargers or the Saints. The Lions have been more consistent than either of these teams. However, they're both road games for the Lions, so I'm going to go with the Lions losing both.


The Vikings have the Saints, Broncos and Bears, they're on the road in Denver.

I had the Vikings going 0-3 with Kirk Cousins. The Vikings do play on a knife edge but they did beat Falcons with Joshua Dobbs, but that might just be a one week wonder, and the Vikings fall back to earth now after losing there starting QB.

Today, I would pick them to beat the Broncos, but lose to the Saints and us. They better lose to us is all I'm saying.


The Packers have the Steelers, Chargers, Lions and Chiefs, yeah, good luck with that.

The toughest quarter of the season is upon the Packers. I had them going 0-4 in preseason. I haven't changed my mind on that today, but the Steelers have a habit of playing you close.

I don't have anything else to say. Packers fans may want to get a comfy blanket. You're going to need it in quarter 3.


Da Bears have Panthers, Lions and Vikings. I had them going 3-0 in preseason, and I still have them going 3-0 today.

This quarter is where the Bears pick up confidence and momentum. Justin Fields should be back as well. We should be beating the Panthers and the Vikings without Cousins, but I worry our coaches get in our way.

I can't deny that, I do think the Lions very much could beat us, and I lean towards the Lions, but NFC North games are usually always competitive. so I'm hoping we will beat Lions at least once this season.

Projected NFC North Standings

I predicted Bears 9-8, Lions 8-9, Vikings 6-11, Packers 3-14

Below are the standings adjusted after actual results from the first and second quarters.

Lions 9-8
Bears 8-9
Vikings 8-9
Packers 5-12

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