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Chicago Canine Rescue: Week 10’s Touchdown For Tails Chicagoland Rescue Of The Week

When the Bears win, so does our featured animal rescue of the week! Each week, we’ll feature a new Chicagoland animal rescue partner with whom we’ll team up. Whatever the amount, all donations (both time and money) are welcome. This week’s featured rescue is Chicago Canine Rescue.

NFL: OCT 29 Chiefs at Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The tough season for the Chicago Bears continued in Week 9 as they dropped their seventh game of the season to the New Orleans Saints by a score of 24-17. If you’re looking to take a glass half-full approach... The game was entertaining for the entire 60 minutes. So, we’ve got that going for us! The other good news? We can quickly turn the page on the team’s seventh loss and look to a short turnaround on Thursday night when they’ll face the (1-7) Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field.

Despite the Bears not being very successful on the field this season, we’ve done some great work in supporting local Chicago area rescues! This week, we’ll be featuring the Chicago Canine Rescue.

As always, here’s a breakdown of how Touchdown For Tails will work.

Each week, we will be featuring a new rescue. Within that week, you’ll have a few options to “bet” on. Now, when I say bet, what I really mean is, how much you’re willing to donate to the featured animal rescue organization of the week. Here’s how it’ll work.

  1. A Chicago Bears win = $25 donation
  2. Three-to-five Prop Bets: Hitting on the prop = $10 donation. Missing on the prop= $5

Ultimately, what I would like to do is make the Bears winning on the field as rewarding to our featured rescues as possible! Those of you who donate nine (or more) times throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at the end of the season to win a Chicago Bears Nike “Game” Jersey. The player and sizing will be of your choice. For each Chicago Bears win, I will personally donate $25. I will also choose one prop bet (brought to you by Draft Kings) that I will also “bet” on.

The ultimate goal of this is to get Bears fans more involved with the community around them. Football season is already the best time of year, so why not make it a little better by helping become a solution to a growing problem around the country? Every single dollar donated on a weekly basis will go directly to that featured rescue.

Week 10 “Things to bet on” (Brought to you by DraftKings)

Game: Chicago Bears (-3.5) over Carolina Panthers (+3.5) ($25 donation if the Bears win)

Non-Bettors “Bets”:

  1. DJ Moore to be the team’s leading receiver ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)
  2. Montez Sweat sacks (.5) Over/Under ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)


  1. Bears total team points (18.5): Over (-102)/Under (-118)
  2. Bears first drive result: Passing Touchdown (+650), Punt (+105), Field Goal Made (+450), or Interception (+950)
  3. Total first half points (20.5): Over (+110)/Under (-130)

Touchdown For Tails Week 10 Rescue of the Week: Chicago Canine Rescue

Contact: 5272 N. Elston Ave.Chicago, IL 60630


Where To Donate:

Where To Adopt:

Chicago Canine Rescue has been around for more than 20 years and has a 98% success rate when it comes to the success of placing dogs in their forever homes. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish and it should be applauded! Much like the other rescues we have featured this season, CCR does outstanding work within the community. They also do an outstanding job of educating the Chicago area about the proper resources to take care of their dogs, including information on low-cost spay and neuter clinics and low-cost vet care. CCR also has three great trainers that assist in the rescue’s success. For more about them, please read their missing statement below.

“CCR was founded in 2001 to help find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in our city.

CCR has saved the lives of over 8,000 dogs while also finding their forever homes!

Traditionally, these animals were automatically euthanized at area shelters. However, today, Chicago Canine Rescue exists to give many of these animals a second chance, too!

CCR assists the animals that are the MOST vulnerable in our city – the dogs that are slated for euthanasia because they are too old, too young, too injured, have disabilities, or have simply been overlooked for too long by potential adopters at other shelters.

We are committed to each dog who comes into our care and won’t stop providing for them we find their perfect family! Though we are just one of many rescues in Chicago, our dogs are one in a million and we are committed to leaving no dog behind!”

Featured Pets Of The Week

Please note that all animal bios are taken directly from the featured rescue’s website. These bios are put together by the animal’s current foster or someone with knowledge of each animal within the organization. For more information on a specific pet, please reach out to the rescue directly.

For a list of their adoptable animals, please visit

ROSE (2-Year-Old Female)

“Have you ever been kissed by a rose? Well if not, come “seal” the deal with our girl Rose! This sweet lady loves making friends and she’s practically chomping at the bit to get out of here!

Rose is just as pretty as her namesake! She’s a young GSD who was abandoned at Animal Control after her previous family had a baby and decided there was no longer any room for her in the home. She lived with 2 other large breed dogs in her home, and got along with them wonderfully! Even though she can live with other dogs, she is very dog reactive on leash and in the shelter. She would do best with a person who is familiar with GSDs and can help her get the training she needs! She absolutely loves all people, and just needs to learn her basic manners and impulse control. In addition to her training needs, we are keeping an eye on her hips, as they are a little weak, likely due to improper breeding practices.

Overall, Rose is a wonderful girl who has a big personality and so much love to give! If you’re looking for an emotionally intelligent, obedient, and playful pal to keep you company then please consider meeting Rose!”

DEXTER (2-Year-Old Male)

“Dexter came to us though a good samaritan who rescued him from care and control. He wasn’t doing well in that environment and fortunately for Dexter, he went straight into foster once he came into our care! He’s a sweet, easy going boy who is thriving in the home environment! He is wiggly and excited when he meets new people so he would do best in a home that can keep his happy and adventurous spirit alive!”

BASTIAN (4-Month-Old Male)

For more information on Bastion, please reach out to CCR directly, as there is no bio information on this puppy!

BERNIE (8-Year-Old Male)

“Do you feel the Bern? We sure do! How can you avoid it when the friendliest, nicest Bernie is here waiting for you?! Bernie is a dollbaby - a 7 year old pittie mix who’s a little underweight at 45 pounds (his healthy weight is closer to 50 pounds, meaning he’s small even when he’s healthy!). Bernie came to CCR from the Chicago city shelter where he had been found stray. Bernie immediately impressed everyone with his easygoing, sweetheart nature, so it wasn’t a surprise when he was found to have a chip! Sadly, the microchip information led to a dead end, so Bernie is looking for a new home despite having one in the past. Bernie is just an easygoing, friendly, lovable adult gentleman who loves belly rubs, smooches, love nibbles, and pleasing his people. Since he’s a little older than our average adoptable, Bernie has a little extra dose of mellow to offer his new owners - he’s not a low energy dog, but he’s mature and easy to exercise. A couple walks a day, some play time, and then lots of snoozes is all that Bernie requires! Bernie is good with other dogs, too, and we think he’s the right personality to introduce to children and maybe even cats! He’s just a friendly, low maintenance fellow with lots of love to give!”

More Resources For How To Get Involved

As a country, we have a homeless animal crisis on our hands that only seems to be getting worse by the day. Stray animals are found every day. With the volatility of the job market, more families are losing their homes and can no longer care for their pets. The list of reasons contributing to this issue runs long. That’s where we can all come in. Whether you want to volunteer, foster, or simply donate, it all makes a difference. For our family, getting involved with animal rescue has been a rewarding experience. While we might not always have the time to foster or volunteer our time, there are many ways to make an impact. Below are three links to check out if this is something you or your family might be interested in doing.

  1. Benefits of adopting a shelter dog
  2. Why volunteering at shelters or rescues makes a difference
  3. 10 reasons to foster a pet