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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2023: Week 14 vs Detroit Lions

Justin Fields was sacked three times, but he also avoided three more in a way that only the QB1 can.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Not only did the Chicago Bears hold the Detroit Lions scoreless in the second half of their 28 to 13 win, but the pass protection pitched a second-half shutout, too. In the first half, Justin Fields was sacked three times, but he had three first-half scrambles for 35 yards, and all three were likely sacks against a less elusive quarterback.

Chicago's pass protection tightened up in the second half, allowing Fields to pass for 142 yards after halftime.

Fields will need to be as elusive as ever this Sunday as he faces a Cleveland Browns team that features one the best pass rushers today, Myles Garrett, who sacked Fields 4.5 times the last time he played the Bears.

Sack 36 - 1st Quarter 2:06- Jalen Reeves-Maybin
This was a well-designed blitz by the Lions. They started linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin (#41) over Chicago's right A-Gap, then on the snap he sprinted through the left A-Gap after Detroit occupied Chicago's center, left guard, and left tackle. The Bears had Roschon Johnson protecting on the right side, so by Reeves-Maybin going left, he had a free lane to the QB.

Up the middle pressure is the hardest for a quarterback to escape, and with nowhere to go with the ball, Fields was dropped. Good job by the Lions and this is a sacks happen.

Sack 37 - 2nd Quarter 6:14 - Aidan Hutchinson
The Lions had pretty good coverage on this play, and the pocket initially held up for Fields. He gets a little pressure, steps up, and then darts right. He's trying to make a play, but once he gets out of the pocket and has no throwing lane, he needs to chuck it out of bounds. This one is on Fields.

Aidan Hutchinson is a relentless pass rusher, and he never stopped hustling on this play. He was blocked by right tackle Darnell Wright, spun inside, and was picked up by right guard Nate Davis, but with Fields on the move, Hutchinson shook loose and was in hot pursuit.

Sack 38 - 2nd Quarter :20 - John Cominsky
The Bears got the ball back with 26 seconds left in the half and no time-outs, but instead of taking a knee, they were going to try and get in field goal range. It was nice to see some aggressiveness even though the results weren't what they wanted. The first play was incomplete, but play two was this sack that sent them to the locker room.

Defensive end John Cominsky (#79) was kicked inside on this play to work on left guard Teven Jenkins. Cominsky gave a stutter step, caught Jenkins guessing, and then shot through the B-Gap.

Johnson at tailback seemed to be in as a check-release option, so he checked for a blitzer, and saw none; then my guess is he was about to leak out for a pass. So, while it looked like he could have been able to help Jenkins, that wasn't his responsibility, and once he slid over, he didn't have any leverage to aid anyway.

Jenkins was beat; it happens.

But back to those three sacks he saved in the first half... This one was so nice I wanted to end Sackwatch on a more positive note this week!

Here's the individual Sackwatch tally after thirteen games:

Justin Fields - 12
Sacks Happen - 9
Darnell Wright - 4.5
Cody Whitehair - 2
Ja'Tyre Carter - 2
Braxton Jones - 2
Larry Borom - 2
Teven Jenkins - 2
Khari Blasingame - 1
Roschon Johnson - 1
Cole Kmet - .5

As I've often said, the breakdowns are based on my best guesses on what is happening in each play. Only the Bears know the specifics and where the blame truly lies for each sack allowed.

Here are Chicago's historical total sacks allowed through 13 games (in the Sackwatch era), plus the year-end sack percentages.

2010 - 47 Martz (10.7%)
2011 - 38 Martz (9.4%)
2012 - 38 Tice (8.3%)
2013 - 22 Trestman (4.9%)
2014 - 30 Trestman (6.3%)
2015 - 23 Gase (5.9%)
2016 - 24 Loggains (4.8%)
2017 - 31 Loggains (7.6%)
2018 - 29 Nagy (6.1%)
2019 - 35 Nagy (7.2%)
2020 - 33 Nagy (5.5%)
2021 - 42 Nagy (9.7%)
2022 - 42 Getsy (13.3%)
2023 - 38 Getsy (8.7% so far)

Thanks to all of you guys who check out Sackwatch each week!