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Jahns: Locker room has had Eberflus’ back entire season

Adam Jahns joins the Bears Banter Podcast!

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

It’s one you don’t want to miss as the always insightful Adam Jahns joins from The Athletic and the Hoge and Jahns Podcast.

The Chicago Bears are in the playoff hunt, which is pretty remarkable considering they were 2-7 just a few weeks ago. Can they make it happen? How has the defense improved this much? And of course, we talk about Justin Fields and the biggest game of the season. Everything is on the line against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday.

Jahns has plenty of great insight, but he really brought some interesting comments about Matt Eberflus, who the entire fan base wanted fired just a few weeks ago, but now, perhaps, they are seeing the progress from the head coach and the team that they’ve desperately wanted to see for months.

“I asked around the locker room (in mid-October), are you guys with Matt Eberflus?” Jahns explained. “I was shocked how resounding it was at that point in the season that it was ‘Yes, we are.’ Even his hyper-critical LOAF grading system. ‘Yup, we are. It helps keep me accountable.’ These were the young players, the old players, new players like T.J. Edwards who said it was similar to what it was in Philadelphia. The buy-in was there.”

Jahns went on to explain that once the team got healthy and Montez Sweat was added that it all really came together. Were fans too early to want Eberflus dismissed? Or is he improved but still not the guy to lead this team?

It’s a great interview with Adam Jahns, so watch the video here:

And for the full podcast, you can listen to that right here: