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Touched By An Animal: Week 16’s Touchdown For Tails Chicagoland Animal Organization Of The Week

When the Bears win, so does our featured animal organization of the week! Each week, we’ll feature a new Chicagoland animal rescue partner with whom we’ll team up. Whatever the amount, all donations (both time and money) are welcome. This week’s featured animal organization is Touched By An Animal.

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Heartbreak and the Chicago Bears have gone hand in hand as of late. Despite taking another 10-point lead into the fourth quarter, the Bears could not finish it on the road against the Cleveland Browns in Week 15. Despite that, we continue to do great things with Chicago Land rescues this year, thanks to your help and support! We have just three games left in the regular season, so let’s close the season on a high note! This week, we’ll feature another animal organization that does things differently with Touched By An Animal.

As always, here’s a breakdown of how Touchdown For Tails will work.

Each week, we will be featuring a new rescue. Within that week, you’ll have a few options to “bet” on. Now, when I say bet, what I really mean is, how much you’re willing to donate to the featured animal rescue organization of the week. Here’s how it’ll work.

  1. A Chicago Bears win = $25 donation
  2. Three-to-five Prop Bets: Hitting on the prop = $10 donation. Missing on the prop= $5

Ultimately, what I would like to do is make the Bears winning on the field as rewarding to our featured rescues as possible! Those of you who donate nine (or more) times throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at the end of the season to win a Chicago Bears Nike “Game” Jersey. The player and sizing will be of your choice. For each Chicago Bears win, I will personally donate $25. I will also choose one prop bet (brought to you by Draft Kings) that I will also “bet” on.

The ultimate goal of this is to get Bears fans more involved with the community around them. Football season is already the best time of year, so why not make it a little better by helping become a solution to a growing problem around the country? Every single dollar donated on a weekly basis will go directly to that featured rescue.

Week 16 “Things to bet on” (Brought to you by DraftKings)

Game: Chicago Bears (-4) over Arizona Cardinals (+4) ($25 donation if the Bears win)

Non-Bettors “Bets”:

  1. DE Montez Sweat under/over (1.5) sacks. ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)
  2. Chicago Bears to hold a fourth quarter lead. ($10 donation if you win. $5 if you lose.)

Prop Bets:

  1. Bears total team points over/under (23.5): Over (-130)/Under (+110)
  2. Race to 20 points: Bears (-135)/Cardinals (+210)/Neither (+500)
  3. Bears to score first: Yes (+120)/No (-155)

Touchdown For Tails Week 15 Animal Organization of the Week: Touched By An Animal



Where To Donate:

They mean it when they say that there’s room in the animal rescue world for everybody. Animal welfare can come in many forms, regardless of the situation or goal. Touched By An Animal is proof of that and holds a special place on our list of 17 featured animal organizations for the 2023 Bears season.

Touched By An Animal is a unique organization that focuses on helping animals and people in need. I can attest to how important my animals have been through the most challenging stretches of my life. TBAA’s goal is to help the elderly, people experiencing homelessness and those in transition with keeping their animals and getting the care that they need and deserve. The help comes from donations of food, litter, vet care expenses, and boarding. Animals can be an integral part of many people’s lives, and being able to keep your best friend is TBAA’s top priority. Companion animals can play a significant role in people’s lives, and it’s great to see that an organization has set out to help with this issue.

Mission Statement:

“Touched By An Animal preserves the nurturing bond between people and their companion animals by helping the Elderly and others maintain this loving relationship and by providing lifetime homes for cats, when needed, in our home, where Cats-Are-Purrsons-Too.”

Core Beliefs:

“To each person TOUCHED BY AN ANIMAL it’s clear. God’s message:Unconditional love makes life’s meaning more dear to honor that bond, to rejoice in that truth is why we are here.But we need to be touched by Angels like you to enable us to continue the work that we doFor people, for animals, for a gentler society too.To respond to each need we want to be therePlease help us help them – Please show that YOU CARE!”

As always, there are many ways to get involved. For more ways to learn how you can help, please visit to find ways to support this great organization!

Featured Pets Of The Week

Please note that all animal bios are taken directly from the featured rescue’s website. These bios are put together by the animal’s current foster or someone with knowledge of each animal within the organization. For more information on a specific pet, please reach out to the rescue directly.

This week, we’ll ask that you go to if you’re looking to adopt and/or foster a cat in need. They have a few cats available but there’s minimal information on them and a different process for adoption.

More Resources For How To Get Involved

As a country, we have a homeless animal crisis on our hands that only seems to be getting worse by the day. Stray animals are found every day. With the volatility of the job market, more families are losing their homes and can no longer care for their pets. The list of reasons contributing to this issue runs long. That’s where we can all come in. Whether you want to volunteer, foster, or simply donate, it all makes a difference. For our family, getting involved with animal rescue has been a rewarding experience. While we might not always have the time to foster or volunteer our time, there are many ways to make an impact. Below are three links to check out if this is something you or your family might be interested in doing.

  1. Benefits of adopting a shelter dog
  2. Why volunteering at shelters or rescues makes a difference
  3. 10 reasons to foster a pet