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Chicago Bears Reacts Survey Results: Fan confidence rises

Here are the results to this week’s confidence poll.

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears get a win, and a few more of our fans vote that they are confident in the direction of the franchise. After holding on to beat the Cardinals, our Reacts results now show that 77% of our fanbase is feeling pretty good about where this team is headed, and I honestly still can’t get there with those voters.

I like the development we’ve seen from several young players, and the franchise is in a good place salary-cap-wise, but are they really going to run it back with head coach Matt Eberflus?

And if they run it back, are they really going to get him a rookie quarterback?

The Bears beat reporters are getting the vibe that these last few games matter for Eberflus. The Falcons on Sunday is winnable, and then a season finale in Green Bay could carry a lot of weight.

And with the Bears pick via the Panthers now at a 96% chance it’ll be first overall, it sure feels like general manager Ryan Poles is in a prime position to get “his” quarterback.

So this is where I’m at right now. I need to see the plan moving forward before changing my vote back to yes. If they go QB in the draft, they have to align him with a new head coach. A rookie quarterback and head coach going into his third season feels too much like déjà vu.

Eberflus may have the locker room and the defense playing well, but as a game-day head coach, he’s been bad.

But if they bring ‘Flus back, they should keep Justin Fields; however, there needs to be a new offensive coordinator. Luke Getsy hasn’t developed.

The other option, which seems the most unlikely, is a new head coach is hired who wants to keep Fields, and I’d be down for that scenario.

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