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19% of Bears fans will move on if the team lets their favorite player go

Results to our latest Reacts poll question is right here.

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Part two of this week’s Reacts survey was inspired by our fans commenting on how angry they’d be if the Chicago Bears traded Justin Fields this offseason to draft a rookie quarterback. It seems unrealistic to quit a favorite team over them moving on from a player you really like, but these are the extreme comments I’ve seen (mostly on social media), so I threw up the poll.

I never expected that nearly a fifth of our fans would actually vote that way.

But fan how you want.

I’ve always been a cheer-for-the-laundry type of fan, but then again, I’ve experienced a championship in my lifetime.

Maybe spending a lifetime rooting on a team without seeing them win a Super Bowl is just too much for some.

The Bears have only nine winning seasons since 1992, which is a lot of disappointment for some fans to endure.

And apparently it’s too much if 19% are ready to walk away from the Navy and Orange if they trade away their guy.

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