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‘Positive vibes’ surrounding Bears Matt Eberflus returning in 2024

The NFL Network reported that the Bears are leaning towards keeping Matt Eberflus, but nothing has been officially decided.

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

On Saturday night, a Tweet was shared for an article on that got Chicago Bears fans ruled up. The article was titled, Analyzing NFL's head coaching carousel as end of 2023 regular season looms, but the wording of the Tweet was, "Bears head coach Matt Eberflus is expected to return in 2024."

The article was written by Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, but based on their reports, it's not such a slam dunk as the Tweet would imply that Eberflus will be back. Here's the closing paragraph.

So, Eberflus has two more game to make his closing argument: Sunday against an Atlanta team fighting for its playoff life and a rivalry game next week at Green Bay. Like all coaches hoping to carry momentum into the offseason, Eberflus needs a strong finish. But if the next two games look like the previous 11, signs appear to be pointing in a positive direction for Eberflus, while Poles appears safe.

"If the next two games look like the previous eleven," where they were 6-5 and looked more competitive, tells me the report is less definitive than the Tweet. "Pointing in a positive direction" sounds like there's still some uncertainty that hinges on how they close it out.

They report that Team President Kevin Warren will "have a strong voice in whatever decisions are made," and with the season finale in Green Bay, that probably means that Chairman George McCaskey will have a voice as well. We all know the importance the McCaskey family puts on beating the Packers, so could Eberflus' fate be tied to beating their longest rival?

Rapoport also did a spot on the NFL Network to discuss the report, and again, there was some wiggle room just in case.

"I would be surprised as of right now if Matt Eberflus was not back for the Chicago Bears. They've looked much better; he has been calling the defense; that has been impressive," he said. "They certainly seem to be headed in the right direction. I hear nothing but positive vibes from Chicago."

As Bears fans, we've witnessed how quickly positive vibes can turn sour, so it truly may come down to these last two games.

UPDATE: Eberflus’ tenure was a topic on Sunday morning during NFL GameDay on the NFL Network, and Rapoport said “My understanding is they are building momentum towards Matt Eberflus coming back... if all goes well.”