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Bears thrive in Bear weather, dominate playoff-hopeful Falcons

It was a fun frolic in the snow in Chicago. The Bears look to be hitting their stride at the least consequential time possible.

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
QB won!

The Chicago Bears are coming off a win against a bad team, and as coach Eberflus pointed out to us, a slightly impressive run of 4 consecutive home wins. We have a mediocre team in the Atlanta Falcons coming to town, and it’s officially Bear weather, which the current Bears are not particularly well suited to play in.

Let’s watch some ball!

Box Score

Bijan Robinson might just give this Bears' run defense fits

The talented rookie is best known as Roschon Johnson’s college teammate, but he looked to have some impressive running skills on the first drive of the game, breaking away on an outside run for a 25-yard game.

Bear weather!

The snow did its job for the Bears early in the game, causing the usually dependable Younghoe Koo to miss his first two field goal attempts! Looks like Phil isn’t the only Snow slowing down the Bears' opponents.

Fields and Moore remain undeniable

The Bears first drive started with a 32-yard deep pass to DJ Moore and ended with a perfect corner of the end-zone drop into DJ’s paws for a touchdown despite good coverage. I can’t get enough of watching those two together. I hope we get more than one more game of it.

Nobody expects Velus Jones Jr to run up the middle on 2nd a 1

And it actually worked. This definitely vindicates Luke Getsy for multiple seasons of calling plays that nobody expects because they are bad ideas that generally don’t work. We got the first. Can’t argue with that.

Bear weather gives up the Falcons' longest play of the season

Jaylon Johnson was the best candidate to stop Tyler Allgeier on the screen pass he took for 75 yards for a touchdown in the 2nd quarter, but he slipped on the melted snow. Whose idea was it to heat this field!?

The Bears third and long defense has definitely come around

Early in the season, getting into third and long felt like a cheat code for opposing offenses, as the Bears would drop into a soft zone, get no pressure, and allow a catch beyond the sticks. Montez Sweat has certainly had an impact, but I’ll throw some credit to Flus for adapting a scheme that was clearly not working.

Robert Tonyan is doing a decent Cole Kmet impression

The former Packer has been mostly quiet this season, but with Kmet nursing an injury, he pawed in a number of important passes in the game. The Chicago wind may have finally blown off enough cheese crust to reveal a competent player underneath.

Huggins is a great name for a defensive lineman

The big Falcon unfortunately got injured in the 2nd quarter. I’m rooting for him to recover quickly and get back to huggin’ running backs to the ground.

Update: Huggins got back in the game and even inspired a highly effective holding penalty on Lucas Patrick in the 4th quarter.

First Texas running back to score: Roschon Johnson

Khalil Herbert brought them to the edge of the end zone, and Roschon pounded it in. The Bears have a good-looking young running back duo.

TJ Edwards interception!

The free agent linebacker has outplayed his contract all season, and today he pulled in an interception at the end of the half, giving the Bears a great opportunity to add to their lead before the half.

Another week, another late hit on Justin Fields that isn’t called

This one led to a long field goal attempt falling short—almost certainly a 3 point swing. Maybe the fact that the hit was in the head canceled out the fact that it was late?

Update: the refs made up for it by deciding after the fact to throw a roughing the passer flag against the Bears. Gotta protect those quarterbacks.

Toe-drag snag

Justin Fields through a beautiful back-of-the-endzone pass to Tyler Scott on the third, but the rookie couldn’t get his second foot down. No doubt this will be an important learning moment for the young Bear.

There’s that Fields magic

Justin Fields slipped multiple would-be sacks and muscled his way out of another on 3rd and long in the 4th quarter then casually pranced for the first down against a defense that assumed he’d been down for several seconds.

Apparently, Collin Johnson was elevated off the practice squad

The 6’6” receiver got some attention after barely stepping out of bounds before running for a first down. It turned out to be a perfect amount of bounds-outstepping as the Falcons were tempted to challenge, but the ruling on the field was not overturned. Or I guess they did count the out of bounds but since it was a first down anyway, it still wasted the Falcons challenge. Weird little rule situation. Either way, good job, new Bear!

Tyrique Stevenson gets his third interception

The young CB had a tremendous athletic diving pick two weeks ago against Cleveland. Today, he took advantage of a poor decision by Taylor Heinicke to get the ball back for the Bears after an unfortunate turnover on downs.

Update: the rookie nabbed a second interception in the 4th, doubling his career total in this game.

Some friendly fantasy advice

If you lose your championship today because of CMC’s calf injury, consider changing your team name to Christian McRey because the caff is gone. Yes I know that one is bad even for me. Sometimes you have to laugh through your pain. Bears fans should know this better than anyone.

Spot on, but not Scott on

Justin Fields had a perfectly placed touchdown pass to Tyler Scott, who let the ball slip throw his paws. The rookie has now had two end zone learning opportunities today. He’s going to be well learned by next season when the Bears have their super bowl run!

Bears try new 4th quarter collapse strategy: Penalties

It started with a Justin Jones unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after a 3rd down stop that allowed the Falcons to ultimately score a TD on the drive. The offense followed suit with a holding penalty to turn a 30ish yard Justin Fields scramble into a 1st and 20 that the Bears couldn’t convert.

Let’s see what they come up with next!

New Years Staley knows how to celebrate

Plaid overalls and an oversized colorful 2024 necklace. 20-yard butt scoot. This Bear is a fashion icon.

Gervon Dexter Jr. also knows how to celebrate

Almost immediately after the Panthers loss secured the Bears 1st overall pick, Dexter Jr. swallowed up Taylor Heinicke for a triumphant 3rd down sack.

Kyler Gordon also knows how to celebrate

The athletic nickel corner picked off Heinicke on the next play and followed up with a backflip. It would have been better for field position to let the ball drop, but it’s not midnight yet, and this was way cooler.

The Bears actually finish a game in style

This is a new feeling...

The Bears are starting to look like they’ll be the best NFC team to miss the playoffs.

More importantly, the Panthers' loss to the Jaguars guarantees the Bears 1st overall pick.