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Full NFL Week 18 Schedule: Bears at Packers set on Sunday

Here’s the full Week 18 schedule from the NFL and all the playoff scenarios.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Wm. Glasheen-USA TODAY Network Wisconsin

The NFL always waits until week 17 is complete before announcing the schedule for their week 18 games to maintain a competitive balance and maximize fan interest, and here’s what the league came up with.

All times Central

Saturday, January 6

Sunday, January 7

The Bears have been eliminated from the playoff race, but they can play spoiler in a must-win game for the Packers. If Green Bay wins, they’re in the postseason. This is the same scenario the Packers faced last season when the Lions knocked them out.

Here are the full playoff scenarios for week 18.

AFC Seeds

1. *-Baltimore Ravens (13-3)

2. x-Miami Dolphins (11-5)

3. z-Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

4. #-Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7, 3-1 vs HOU+IND)

5. x-Cleveland Browns (11-5)

6. Buffalo Bills (10-6)

7. #-Indianapolis Colts (9-7, 1-2 vs JAX+HOU, win over HOU & PIT)

On the bubble

8. #-Houston Texans (9-7, 1-2 vs IND+JAX, loss to IND, win over PIT)

9. #-Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7, two wins over CIN, loss to IND, loss to HOU)

* - Baltimore has clinched the first-round bye and the one seed.

z- Kansas City has clinched the AFC West

x - Miami and Cleveland have clinched a playoff spot

# - First, the AFC South tiebreaker applies which Jacksonville wins based on head-to-head record against Houston and Indianapolis. That dumps Houston and Indianapolis into the Wild Card tiebreaker with Pittsburgh. Indianapolis has a win over Houston, so the Colts and Steelers go to a tiebreaker and Indianapolis wins on head-to-head. Houston and Pittsburgh go to a tiebreaker, and the Texans have a win over Pittsburgh.

NFC Seeds

1. z-San Francisco 49ers (12-4)

2. x-Dallas Cowboys (11-5, win over DET)

3. z-Detroit Lions (11-5, loss to DAL)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers# (8-8, record in common games > NO)

5- x-Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

6. x-Los Angeles Rams (9-7)

On the bubble

7. Green Bay Packers# (8-8)

8. Seattle Seahawks# (8-8)

9. New Orleans Saints# (8-8, record in common games < TB)

10. Minnesota Vikings% (7-9)

12. Atlanta Falcons% (7-9)

* - San Francisco has clinched the first-round bye and the one seed.

z - Detroit has clinched the NFC North

x - Dallas, Philadelphia, and the Rams have clinched a playoff spot

# - First thing that needs to happen is the NFC South tiebreaker. Tampa Bay wins over New Orleans on record vs common opponents. In the three-way Wild Card tie between the Packers, Saints, and Seahawks, the Saints are eliminated by conference record. The Packers and Seahawks go all the way to strength of victory, where the Packers squeak in. Seattle and New Orleans go to a tiebreaker that Seattle wins on conference record.

% - First, the NFC North tiebreaker is applied to move Minnesota ahead of Chicago based on record in common games. The Vikings and Falcons go to a tiebreaker, and Minnesota has a victory over Atlanta. It resets to the Bears and Falcons, and the Bears have a victory over the Falcons.

e - Washington, Arizona, and Carolina have been eliminated from the postseason. The giants and Bears joined them this week.