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Biggs: Poles needed to be blown away by Fields this year, not the QB prospects

Brad Biggs joined the Bears Banter Podcast!

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

In case you missed it, the latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The great Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune joined the podcast. Brad has been on the Chicago Bears beat for over 20 years and he had plenty of great insight on Kevin Warren, Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus. But he had a really interesting comment on Justin Fields.

We’ve heard Ryan Poles talk about how he would need to be “blown away” by a QB prospect to move on from Justin Fields. Biggs takes a completely different angle on that comment.

“Poles said last January that he would have to be blown away to use the number one pick a year ago on a quarterback,” Biggs stated. “I flip it around,” he continued, “To me, I think [Poles] has to be blown away by Justin Fields because in my opinion, you need to be all in, meaning being ready to talk about a contract extension with him, or you got to be out. You can’t try to play this one down the middle and pick up the 5th year option and say you want to see more. You’re either all in or you’re all out. And there just hasn’t been anything, in my mind, to say, yeah, this is a really good idea to be all in on him as a quarterback.”

It’s an interesting point when you think about how highly regarded Caleb Williams and Drake Maye are in many NFL circles. It’s a great interview that I would highly recommend. To watch the interview, you can check that out here:

And to check out the full podcast, make sure you do that here: