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Fields says he will arrange receiver workouts this offseason again

Justin Fields talked to SiriusXM and dropped some interesting nuggets

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVII - Feb. 9 Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Justin Fields headed out to Arizona this week to take part in the Super Bowl week festivities. He also headed to radio row and did several media interviews.

One of those interviews was with former Chicago Bear Dusty Dvoracek and his co-host Danny Kanell on their show Dog Days on Mad Dog Sports Radio on SiriusXM.

It was an interesting interview. Fields deflected some questions like the media pro that he already is, but he did have some interesting answers.

Fields spoke honestly about his season and clearly has done some self-reflection and knows where he needs to improve next year.

“I think I improved throughout the year,” Fields explained. “One big thing with me is going to be consistency each and every game, really the gimmes and the short passing game throws, really making those easy and letting my guys catch and run.”

While the guys were talking with him about the improvements in his game over the last couple of years, they asked him what the biggest change was for him from college to the NFL.

“The verbiage is the biggest thing,” he answered. “When I was in college, we did signals. I rarely got up in the huddle and called out a play call. We did signals from the sidelines. That was the biggest thing for me from college to the NFL, getting all the guys in the huddle, make sure they all hear the play call, and me speak it fluently, not just trying to remember it, but seeing the play play out in my head while I’m relaying it to the guys in the huddle.”

As we all know this year, many media members tried to saddle Fields with the “running back” label. A label that bothered many Chicago Bears fans, but did it get under Justin Fields’ skin? His answer may surprise you.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Fields said. “Everybody is always going to have their opinion, which they’re entitled to, but they were doing the same thing to Lamar two or three years ago, same thing with Jalen [Hurts] last year, and look where he is now.”

Fields knows what comes with his playing style. It’s a label that’s unwarranted, but many in the media continue to allude to those type of references when they discuss mobile quarterbacks. Where did Fields’ playing style come from?

“I looked up to guys like Michael Vick and Cam Newton. Those were my two guys growing up. That’s why I wear number one. I got number one in 8th or 9th grade, and I’ve been wearing it all the way up until now.”

Speaking of Fields’ mobility, Danny Kanell asked him about the rules that protect quarterbacks and if some of the rules have gone too far. Fields laughed about that one because he knows just how often those calls don’t go his way.

“Me personally, I don’t get too many of those calls,” Fields responded. “I think there are some calls that you see in games where that’s simply not a flag in football. But with me, most of the time I’m out there just playing football but it is what it is. But the guys that get those calls are usually Tom [Brady] and Aaron [Rodgers], but hopefully, in a few years, I’ll be getting those calls too.”

Looking ahead to the next season, they asked if Fields would set up workouts with his receivers to get some additional work together, and Fields didn’t hesitate.

“We’re going to do that. Not sure where the destination will be but definitely looking forward to taking those guys out and bonding with them and all of us getting better.”

While Fields works to improve with his receivers, is he going to have any input as to what they should do with the number one pick?

“That’s not my job, I’m going to let my guy Ryan Poles handle that one.”