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Mocking the Mocks: Bears trade back and get Jalen Carter

Not a bad mock, but I want more!

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The latest mock draft from SB Nation is out, and they have the Chicago Bears going in a popular direction by trading back off their first overall selection. I don’t see any scenario the Bears stand pat and pick at one, so let’s examine what the Mothership has the Bears doing here.

They have the Indianapolis Colts moving up for Chicago’s one and sending their 4th overall pick and 35th overall pick in the 2023 draft and their 2024 1st round pick.

“Colts GM Chris Ballard has been very open about going and getting a QB in the draft this year, regardless of their draft position,” writes SB Nation’s Joseph Acosta. “With the clock possibly ticking on Ballard’s tenure in Indy, he could be looking to make an aggressive move. More importantly than having the first overall pick, Chicago needs as many shots at the dartboard as possible, to really jumpstart their rebuild. The trade benefits both teams.”

Not a bad haul, but if the Colts and Texans fall in love with the same quarterback prospect, they may be able to squeeze more from Indy.

Here are the top four picks he has off his board.

  1. Indianapolis Colts (via Chicago Bears) - Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
  2. Houston Texans, Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
  3. Arizona Cardinals, Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama
  4. Chicago Bears (via Indianapolis Colts), Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

Carter to the Bears could happen even if they ink a good three-technique defensive tackle in free agency because you can never have enough quality on the d-line, and Carter can play the one-tech DT in Chicago’s system too.

Also, with C.J. Stroud still on the board in this scenario, I think another trade back could be in play. The veteran QB market will go a long way toward which teams will have some desperation on draft day.

With the Super Bowl over, draft buzz will ramp up, but keep in mind this is lying season for teams too. They’ll start to float stuff to insiders about prospects in an attempt to shape what happens. Remember that b.s. that came out about Justin Fields’ work ethic before the 2021 draft? Thanks to whatever moron started that rumor.

What do you think about the compensation they have the Bears getting, and would you be OK if Carter was Chicago’s selection?