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Making Monsters: Bears’ cap breakdown with Spotrac’s Michael Ginnitti

Taylor and Ryan chopped it up with Spotrac Co-Founder Michael Ginnitti about the Bears cap situation for 2023.

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Chicago Bears will head into the 2023 league year with the most money available of all 32 teams, so let’s talk about what that means with Spotrac Co-Founder Michael Ginnitti.

On their new Making Monsters, Taylor Doll and Dylan Ryan kick things off by giving their thoughts on Super Bowl LVII before diving into the week that was from Justin Fields. The QB1 had some big sit-downs with Pardon My Take and The Rich Eisen Show.

In the next segment, Tayor and Dylan bring on prominent salary capologist Michael Ginnitti to talk about the Bears’ cap situation, Aaron Rodgers’ contract implications if he were traded, and a bunch more.

Finally, they wrap the show up by starting to preview this year’s free agency class for the Bears, and you can check out their latest Making Monsters right here:

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