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Report suggests Aaron Rodgers will remain in Green Bay

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington had some interesting comments on Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

As everyone awaits Aaron Rodgers’ emergence from the darkness, a report surfaced today on ESPN that may surprise many people.

It seems most media and fans seem to be in agreement that Aaron Rodgers will leave the Green Bay Packers this offseason and finish his career with another franchise, but a report surfaced this morning that suggests otherwise.

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington was on First Take today and had some comments that run counter to the assumptions that Rodgers will depart the Packers in the next couple of months.

Darlington says he spoke with a “very important Green Bay Packers source” and he said that source “believes that Aaron Rodgers will be back with the Packers and that all this is being overhyped. He looks at the contract that Aaron Rodgers signed last year, the commitment he gave to the team and believes that, at the end of the day, Aaron Rodgers will be back with the Packers.”

The way Darlington positioned his source, it’s clearly not Aaron Rodgers himself, but it would be safe to assume that this is someone in the Packers front office. Rodgers has stated multiple times on his Pat McAfee appearances that the NFL insiders don’t have access to his inner circle so that the information is presumably from the Packers themselves. When Darlington goes on to say it’s a “very important source,” it’s also safe to bet that this is someone quite high in the Packers' front office, not a low-level scout with questionable information.

It wasn’t even a week ago when we discussed what the best possible outcome was from a Chicago Bears perspective on the Rodgers situation and it’s pretty clearly that’s if Rodgers stays. If Darlington’s source is accurate, that very well might be the case. But for now, we all continue to wait for Rodgers to surface, which, theoretically, should be any day now.