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Building the Board: Let’s talk Offensive Tackles

Our Chicago Bears’ Building the Board scouts look at their first group of offensive tackles right here.

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears will no doubt attack their offensive line this offseason, so we dive into the offensive tackles in our latest edition of Building the Board, where we compile a Bearscentric draft board.

For several months now, the WCG crew has been working hard on a simple idea: building a Chicago Bears draft board brick-by-brick in an attempt to create as authentic a draft board as possible while tailoring it specifically to one team (rather than the scheme-free evaluations that are so common around the internet).

We’ve been scouting the players available in the 2023 NFL Draft, and we’ll continue to do so, with the end game being a fully-fledged Draft Board. Today we talk through our next batch of player grades — specifically, these 10 Offensive Tackles:

Remember, this list isn’t in order of quality/ranking! Simply order of appearance!

  • Ohio State’s Paris Johnson Jr.
  • Tennessee’s Darnell Wright
  • Georgia’s Broderick Jones
  • Syracuse’s Matthew Bergeron
  • Ohio State’s Dawand Jones
  • Oklahoma’s Anton Harrison
  • Oklahoma’s Wanya Morris
  • Maryland’s Jaelyn Duncan
  • Alabama’s Tyler Steen
  • Michigan’s Ryan Hayes

Our initial Draft Board (1.0) will be on a Google Document that we’ll share here as soon as it’s done, and keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks — we’ll be adding players to it in batches of 10 as we try to show the process of how draft boards shuffle week-by-week.

We’re excited! We want to hear your thoughts — do you agree with today’s grades? Do you disagree? Let us know!

Podcast version is available here:

And in case you missed the original introduction video for Building the Board, check it out below for an overview of the project!