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Analyzing Chicago Bears Players Hall of Fame Chances

Jack Silverstein joins the Bears Banter Podcast

NFL: Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears Tony Tomsic-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Bears Banter Podcast is here!

If you want to break down the Pro Football Hall of Fame and it’s process for electing players, there’s only a handful of people to talk to. If you want to do that and analyze some of the recent Chicago Bears players chances to reach Canton enshrinement, there’s only one person to talk to! Noted Chicago sports historian (and Windy City Gridiron’s own) Jack Silverstein joins the podcast!

Jack takes a deep dive into the Hall of Fame. Not only does Jack discuss the current finalists and which ones he thinks have the best chance to have their name called this year, but we take a long look at some of the recent Chicago Bears and their chances to reach Canton. Devin Hester? It’s a matter of when. Peanut Tillman? His case is growing stronger after retirement! Plus, we discuss Olin Kreutz, Lance Briggs and Ruben Brown. We also talk about a great non-Chicago Bear that perhaps deserves some Hall of Fame consideration, and that’s Randall Cunningham.

Plus, we take a look at The Goat’s retirement. We talk Tom Brady’s place in history. It’s a huge podcast packed with information. Jack breaks it down like nobody else can, so check it out below!

You can check out the video of the interview here: