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Patrick Mahomes talks 2017 Draft and clears up what the Bears told him

Patrick Mahomes sets the record straight!

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs Press Conference Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

When Pat Mahomes Sr. joined 670 The Score's Parkins & Spiegel Show last week, his words reverberated through all Chicago Bears fandom, reminding many of us what could have been. His son, Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback of this generation, was an option for the Bears in the 2017 NFL Draft, but that's not the direction that then GM Ryan Pace went.

"They told him they were going to draft him, so we thought he was going to be the third pick overall and go to Chicago," Mahomes Sr. told The Score. "He had a great meeting when he went there and liked all the guys that were doing the stuff there and thought he was going to be a Bear."

We all know the history of that day, but it still stung a bit hearing Sr. say that the Bears told Mahomes that they intended to draft him.

So naturally, at Super Bowl media week, the son would be asked about his father's interview.

"My dad took it a little far," he said. "It wasn't that I thought the Bears were going to draft me — but I was told that if they drafted a quarterback, that I would be the quarterback that they drafted."

Mahomes also said that the Bears told them they weren't drafting a quarterback, which would be — if we're keeping score — two fibs that Pace's camp told Mahomes' camp pre-draft.

Let's all hope that we have The Man at quarterback in Justin Fields, and Fields can lead our favorite team to a Super Bowl victory someday so we can put the 2017 draft behind us.