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UPDATED: Bears up to 10 draft picks after trade with Panthers

After that huge trade, here’s where the Chicago Bears are currently slated to pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

BREAKING NEWS: Bears trade the top pick to the Carolina Panthers for a haul. (LINK)

With the NFL awarding all the compensatory selections this week, the 2023 NFL Draft order is finally official.

This morning the Chicago Bears were in the top spot of the draft, but thanks to the blockbuster trade with the Carolina Panthers things have changed. Chicago general manager Ryan Poles did find the right trade package to trade back, and here’s where things sit for now.

Here’s the full draft order for the Bears as of March 10.

  • Round 1, pick 9, 9th overall (From Carolina)
  • Round 2, pick 22, 53rd overall (From Baltimore)
  • Round 2, pick 30, 61st overall (From Carolina via San Francisco)
  • Round 3, pick 1, 64th overall
  • Round 4, pick 1, 103rd overall
  • Round 4, pick 31, 133rd (From Philadelphia)
  • Round 5, pick 1, 136th
  • Round 5, pick 14, 148th overall (From New England through Baltimore)
  • Round 7, pick 1, 218th overall
  • Round 7, Pick 41, 258th overall (Compensatory Selection)

Here are the 2023 picks the Bears traded away.

Pittsburgh has Chicago’s second-rounder (32 overall) from the Chase Claypool trade,

Kansas City currently has Chicago’s sixth rounder (178 overall) via Miami due to Ryan Pace’s trade for Jakeem Grant in 2021.

The number one pick is off to Carolina!

To see the entire 2023 NFL Draft order (pre Bears trade), you can click here.