Bijan is the pick at #9


Bijan Robinson

When we drafted Walter Payton, it was in the first round. Talent like that must be taken in the first. With no running back on the roster that can pass block, drafting a stud is now at a premium.

Bijan tests off the charts. He has all the skills and measurables. We won't get this close to drafting the best player in the draft for quite some time.

And if we trade down past 9 .... bingo ... we can draft him and still pick up a player in the first if we trade back up.

Special players cannot be overlooked. A Van Ness or a DT is not going to give us what Bijan can give us. WE can't fix everything in one season ... but now is the window for getting a special talent on offense, who can pass, catch, run and block.

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