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D.J. Moore - “I’m here to make everybody around me better.”

The newly added receiver made his arrival with a cool, smooth personality, yet a bold amount of confidence.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

In what lasted a total of just under seven minutes came one of the best arrival’s in recent memory to the Chicago Bears media. The full presser with D.J. Moore can be watched here. He’s already spent a great deal of time bonding with the new crew.

In his own calm and level headed way, D.J. Moore spoke with great confidence. He didn’t feel any ill will or spend his time bashing his former employer. That’s a complete opposite to what someone else did yesterday on the Pat McAfee show yesterday. I have my own lengthy thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ latest stunt that I’ll save for another time.

He’s here to elevate the whole offense

When asked about if his arrival will boost quarterback Justin Fields’ game, DJ Moore declared his arrival will make everyone better. Including fellow receivers Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool. Today’s modern passing game requires a minimum of three capable players who can individually win matchups on their own.

DJ Moore opened up big play opportunities for everyone else in the Carolina Panthers offense. He will do Moore of the same — pun fully intended — while with the Chicago Bears. Defenses will try to bracket him as much as possible. He understands that, and he welcomes the challenges ahead. He spoke highly of everyone in his new home.

A great deal of respect for an old teammate — and new teammate — in P.J. Walker

Late last night the Bears signed quarterback P.J. Walker to a two-year deal. He arrives as the newest backup behind Justin Fields and ensures a much more mobile option is at the ready from within their reserves. There’s also familiarity with D.J. Moore that will carry into their respective transitions.

Together, they would see the Panthers go 4-3 in seven games while P.J. Walker was at quarterback. D.J. mentioned that they’ve had a longstanding friendship dating back to their early years together in Carolina. Where everyone knows Justin Fields is QB1 — an opportunity D.J. Moore is extremely giddy about — he also knows P.J. Walker is a capable backup if called upon.

He’s not hear for greatness as an individual - he wants everyone to achieve greatness

He wrapped up his introduction to Chicago with a re-emphasis on working hard to open opportunities up for everyone on offense. He’s confident the sky’s the limit for him and Justin Fields. Yet this offense will achieve real greatness if everyone can play at a higher level.

My biggest takeaway from this brief meeting was how cool yet confident he spoke throughout the whole interaction. He’s never been a guy who looks for any special treatment. Not a single ounce of “diva” in him while being one of the best young players at his position.

This whole team just got better with his arrival. There are some special days ahead for Justin Fields and this young Bears offense. Can we fast forward to September already?