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Meeting the New Monsters: Recap of Pressers with some of the newest Bears

Earlier we met with GM Ryan Poles and WR D.J. Moore. Now we get to hear from a few more guys.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

This has been a jam-packed day with pressers at the conference center within Halas Hall. For GM Ryan Poles you can click here. And, for D.J. Moore, you can click here. Those were just two out of a total of eight different meetings held today.

The remaining players who had an appearance with the media are the following.

  • Running back Travis Homer
  • Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds
  • Linebacker T.J. Edwards
  • Guard Nate Davis
  • Defensive Lineman DeMarcus Walker
  • Quarterback P.J. Walker

Travis Homer fully embraces his projected roles with gusto

The first player on deck here is their newest player at running back - former Seattle Seahawks special teams ace and 3rd down back Travis Homer. Where his roles don’t look overly exciting on paper, he couldn’t care less. Travis takes his jobs with great pride.

When asked about special teams, he was quoted in saying this passage below.

“I’m not sure why anyone would be reluctant to it. It’s one of the funnest things in football. Just go out there and get to be free, get to be yourself on special teams. So, I love it.”

GM Ryan Poles highlighted the playmaking ability Travis Homer provides to special teams. He also mentioned how well he’s graded out as a pass protector when called in as the 3rd down back. As with everything else, Travis relished the role, “I would say I’m one of the best pass blocking backs in the league.” No task is too small or unimportant with him.

“Its about the traditions... that’s worth more than any piece of paper,” Chicago’s Newest “Mike” Linebacker - Tremaine Edmunds

Moments after I published the interview with D.J. Moore, Tremaine Edmund’s own introduction with the media took place. To say I was moved by his words this afternoon is a major understatement. I’ll also give him mad props for his suit game today. From beginning to end he spoke with deep amounts of logic and a very high energy.

Early on he spoke briefly on how he fits the Bears’ defense. Where no official assignments have been made, he spoke much more about his own experience as a “Mike” while in a similar defense with the Buffalo Bills. His abilities in coverage, size, and athleticism do compare to one Brian Urlacher. Without directly saying it, he’s highly likely to continue his career as a “Mike” linebacker.

He spoke at length about the appreciation he has for Bills Mafia. Tremaine made it clear he remembers where he came from, and spent a great deal of time thanking the staff for preparing him into the player he is today. From his own perspective, working with (correctly identified) Bears legend Leslie Frasier had the biggest impact on his development. The great tradition at middle linebacker in Chicago attracted him, too. He’s ready to write his own story. And that is where his portion of the frenzy really takes off.

The amount of money Tremaine is set to earn will make people do many things. He couldn’t care less about it. When asked “besides the money, why Chicago,” his full answer was below.

It goes outside of (the money), man. It goes into tradition. It goes into the players you have here. It goes into culture. It goes into building something big. Like, it’s more than just money, ‘cause relationships go way further than what any piece of paper could give you.

He continues to talk about how much his family means to him in this entire process. In the words championed by fellow super fan and Bears writer Greg Braggs Jr. of CHGO All-Access, Tremaine Edmunds is ready to build this “brick by brick.”

T.J. Edwards is the hometown guy looking to make a difference with his favorite team growing up

You don’t need to ask T.J. Edwards twice about who his favorite team is. He grew up a Bears fan, and highlighted his own opportunities to meet with legends like Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester back in his childhood. This is truly a dream come true for T.J. who also gets a nice payday to celebrate.

He also understands the history at quarterback for the Bears better than what he’d like. Which is why playing with Justin Fields is such a big deal for him. He recognized how special of a player he is with his own two eyes. The Bears played the Philadelphia Eagles hard last season, and Justin Fields’ efforts did not go unnoticed.

T.J.’s relationship with Assistant GM Ian Cunningham played a factor in his arrival. The two spent time together while Ian was a scouting executive, then director of player personnel, in the City of Brotherly Love. Ian routinely checked in on T.J. and pushed him to be the best player possible. That has certainly paid off in spades for the young linebacker, who is likely to play “Will” in their base defense. T.J. has experience at both “Mike” and “Will.”

Nate Davis was coy on where he’s going to play — he brings versatility, intelligence, and nastiness to the OL

One of the more interesting signings this off-season came when Nate Davis signed his 3-year deal with the Bears. He’s spent his entire career at right guard, which is where Teven Jenkins currently resides. Yet I personally knew he also played left guard and right tackle while he was at Charlotte.

Nate Davis opened things up by confirming that exact assessment. He acknowledged he’s spent time at left guard, right tackle, and is more than happy to play wherever he’s assigned. His top objective is being the best teammate possible, while protecting Justin Fields. He also loves blocking in the run game when called.

And what does Nate see in Justin Fields? “The man is young. He’s smart. He’s talented. He’s a leader. That’s somebody you want to block for.”

DeMarcus Walker had the best moment of any presser today

At first he appreciated the fact people in Chicago love themselves some defense. He understands that the quarterback position is the king of all sports, while mentioning the biggest x-factor behind any good team is their defense. Being a defensive guy myself I can give that my stamp of approval.

Then the moment arrived. When asked about whether Justin Fields being at quarterback factored into his decision, he dropped, “excuse my French, but abso-f*******-lutely.” There is no question in his mind that he’d rather be playing with Justin Fields than against him.

Overall I felt DeMarcus’ presser connected deeper from a casual standpoint. He discussed his relationships with his teammates — particularly Justin Simmons — and how he challenged himself to learn from everyone in the DL room through his various stops. DeMarcus is also quite the scholar with all the books he discussed. Literature has been a big influence with the way he thinks and interacts with people.

P.J. Walker is ready to compete as the backup behind Justin Fields

At last we get to the final meeting of the day! We’ve also got some news - there will be a competition at quarterback behind Justin Fields to serve as the number two. This was mentioned by P.J. Walker himself during his meeting. He’s very excited for Justin Fields as the starter and spoke of himself as being a big fan of H1M.

He also spoke highly of D.J. Moore from their time together with the Carolina Panthers. In particular P.J. mentioned D.J.’s combination of intelligence and explosiveness are, “second to none.” D.J. does not simply outrun defenders to P.J.’s eyes — he also knows how they think. D.J.’s ability to identify and sit in the soft spots of coverage stood out the most. He literally can break down any zone coverage while watching film.

That ability to break down coverages in such detail isn’t common amongst receivers. P.J. knows that better than anyone else in Chicago. Like we needed any more reasons to be excited over D.J.’s arrival.