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Can DJ Moore make a run at the Bears’ single season receiving record?

What kind of success can DJ Moore have with Justin Fields?

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Is the premise of this article ridiculous?

Yes, it is. So let’s dive in, shall we?

It goes without saying, that I think most Chicago Bears fans are most excited about DJ Moore joining the team. Moore is an outstanding wide receiver that has had tremendous success with the Carolina Panthers.

When it comes to passing and receiving records, thanks to the Bears’ history, usually the bar is pretty low. Could Moore step in and break out in Chicago? The stage will be set for him to have an outstanding season.

First of all, I’m discussing Brandon Marshall’s single-season record of 1,508 yards that he recorded in 2012. That’s a tremendous season. Marshall’s 2012 season was the 50th most yards in a single season in NFL history. So this isn’t a low bar, it’s quite a strong one. If you want a low bar, think of this: if Justin Fields throws for 4,000 yards next year, he would be the first Bear to do it and the 218th quarterback season to surpass that number. Now that’s a low bar.

Moore’s best season was 2020 when he gained 1,193 yards on 66 catches. He did that in just 15 games as well. In Moore’s last four seasons, he’s averaged 69 receiving yards a game, which is a nice number to see. But to surpass Marshall, that number would have to jump to 89 yards a game. That may seem like too much to expect, but when you look at Moore’s QB play, it’s absolutely possible.

Moore’s best QB was his rookie season when he had Cam Newton in his last productive season. After that, he was dealt hands of Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. When he worked with Bridgewater, he averaged 79 yards per game, and when Bridgewater is the best QB you’ve had as a veteran, there’s certainly room for improvement.

Enter Justin Fields. If Fields has the breakout season that many are hoping for, he absolutely could have the type of chemistry with Moore that could ratchet up the yards.

For this to happen, Fields would probably have to throw for 4,000 yards. That’s 235 yards a game. That’s a huge jump for Fields, but if he can come into his own with having what we hope are legitimate weapons and a solid offensive line. You can’t close the door.

Why did I write this article? Well, if you’ve read my recent work, I have some concerns about a couple of the directions Ryan Poles has taken the team this offseason, but I like his offensive signings, and I love the trade for DJ Moore.

Will DJ Moore break the record? Probably not. Could DJ Moore break the record? Absolutely.