Chase Claypool will give us 900 yards in 2023!

Some of us are rather down on Claypool.

But the only 2 reasons I can see are:

  • He didn't light it up for us after the trade
  • He cost us the #32 pick.

They think that Chase will stink it up this year.........rendering the use of our #32 pick idiotic. And if that holds true, I will be pretty upset too.

But I just don't see it.

If I am Poles, I make this trade having a clear agreement from the offensive coaching staff that this is a DUDE we need.

"He gives us things we don't have, and we WILL get him the ball. My butt is on the line if we trade for him, then let him walk. And I can't just sign him to an extension if he stinks with us. So everyone is on board, right?"

History shows he is a 900 yard WR, and there are several reasons to believe he will achieve that and more in 2023. So let's lay them out:

  • He's what you look for in a WR:
    • 6'4", 235, RAS is an elite 9.98
  • He appears built to generate 900 yards annually:
    • In 2020: - he had 109 Targets, 62 Receptions, 873 Yards, and 9 TDs
    • In 2021 - he had 105 Targets, 59 Receptions, 860 Yards, and 2 TDs
    • In 2022:
      • He had a bad 4 games to start the season.
      • Then he had a 4 game stretch (after Pickett got used to him), which would have projected to a 17 week season of 127 Targets, 89 Receptions, 986 Yards, and 4 TDs.
      • Then he was traded to a new scheme, with the entire team figuring it out.
      • Fields finally starts winging it to him in weeks 12 and 13 (11 targets), and he gets hurt!
  • He has 2 other WRs (Moore and Mooney) to take attention away from him. I think we're going to see each guy have big games, trying to one-up each other.
    • "Who do we stop this week? Moore!"
      • OK. Watch Mooney get 95 yards, and Chase get 80 yards.
    • "Ah shoot. We gotta focus on Mooney!"
      • Fabulous. Moore drops 105 yards, and Chase gets 87.
    • "Ah crap, let's d-up on Chase!"
      • All right. Moore and Mooney both get 95 yards a piece, just to be twinsies ;-).

A WR who seemingly averages 110 Targets, 65 Receptions, 900 Yards, and 5 TDs?.........yes.

I want him on my team. And he's worth a 2nd round pick.

The only thing holding back some of us from getting really excited about our 2023 WRs is the simple fact he was slow to ramp up when he came to us via trade last year.

Don't do it.

Think about our 2023 top 3 WRs and get on board the optimism train. It's fun.

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