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Participate in an NFL Interactive Mock Draft Top Ten!

This week have a chance to help play out a mock draft!

SPORTS-FBN-WIEDERER-COLUMN-TB John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The hot period of free agency is winding down and we are now entering that mini-lull until the NFL Draft talk really heats up.

With the Chicago Bears sitting on the ninth pick, what they do with that pick will be determined by what the eight teams do in front of them. Here’s your chance to help get a glimpse as to how those picks may unfold.

Follow me, Bill Zimmerman on Twitter, (or just go to the link each time if you loathe my content) and check in each day as we unfold a pick or two and build up to the Bears selection at nine.

Early returns have CJ Stroud going first to the Panthers.

We’ll make it possible for teams to trade back, it should be fun. We will mock this at least to the ninth pick and see where else we can go with this, but that’s up to your participation.

Let’s have some fun and see what lays ahead for the Bears with the ninth pick!