In 5 years who will be the studs of the 2023 NFL Draft?

Ok fellow armchair GM's. I have read post after post about this guy or that; why this guy is a stud or that guy falls flat. Now it's time to test your skills of divination. Let's put our keyboard ego's on the line in that oft avoided realm of internet permanency. And much like quizzes that are quizzical, this test will require you to display your internet test quizzical minds.

Five years from now, which 3 non-QB players from this years draft will be the highlight of the draft? Who will be the success? Who are the ones that should have gone 1, 2, 3?

So to recap the criteria of this conundrum...

1) Name 3 players you think will be the best of this draft in 5 years

2) Those players must be non-QB's

Place your response in the comments to solidify this in the WCG record books, and place your draft guruness on display for all to see.

My hope is that next year, the week before the draft, the content masters of WCG can bump this to the front page so we can see everyone's accuracy in just 12 short months.

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