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Bearing Down - Draft Tidbits and more from ECD’s recent appearance on Chicago Sports Podcast

Optimist Prime has been making his rounds lately to discuss all things Bears related around the web.

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and chat with a few people around Twitterverse regarding the Chicago Bears leading into the upcoming NFL draft.

In my latest appearance with Brandon Hiatt of Chicago Sports Podcast and Alex Shapiro of NBCS Chicago, we all discussed various Chicago-based sports topics, including of course Da Bears. Below is the embeded video from YouTube. If you want to watch it in a different screen, then you can click on this link.

I appear right at the 30 min mark for this entire stream.

Also, be sure to follow @ChiSportsTracks for possible appearances by me and several others from the WCG crew in the near future.

I talked with Brandon on a variety of topics listed below.

  • How I started my journey with Windy City Gridirion
  • The differences between how GM Ryan Poles opperates in comparison to his predecessors
  • What I would ask Ryan Poles if I had him on the phone heading into the Draft
  • Most desirable offensive lineman for the Bears
  • What position group needs the most work moving forward
  • Will the A-A-Ron (Aaron Rodgers) trade ever happen (yes)
  • Is a Rodgers-less NFC North a good thing (most certainly yes)
  • Who I think will be the number one overall pick

I certainly intend on being as regular as possible before returning to the Shadow Realm in the not-so-distant future.