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Detroit Lions are betting favorites in NFC North

Today, for no reason, we are posting this.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

For those who like to gamble on the NFL, if you were looking at the NFL futures for the NFC North, you would see the Detroit Lions as the favorites to win the division.

According to DraftKings, the Lions are currently +140 to win the NFC North. Followed by the Minnesota Vikings at +250, the Chicago Bears at +350, and the Green Bay Packers round up the group at +475.

I’m sure Detroit Lions fans are feeling good. The Lions last division title came in 1993 before their current quarterback, 7-year veteran Jared Goff, was born. Of course, the division was called the NFC Central then, not the NFC North. Speaking of the NFC Central, current member of the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, last won the NFC Central in 1999, six years more recently than the Lions last division championship.

But I mean, seriously, it doesn’t matter than the Bucs haven’t been in the same division for over 20 years and won a division title in the North/Central more recently than the Lions because the Lions are the betting favorites this year.

You have to figure that confidence is high in Detroit this year. You have to figure the Lions feel so good, they’d want to bet on themselves to win that title.

**NOTE** As a reminder, the Detroit Lions players and employees are not permitted to gamble per NFL rules.