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Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Who do you want Chicago to take in round 1?

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The 2023 NFL Draft is just a few days away, and the analysts and mock drafters still haven't reached a consensus on what the Chicago Bears will do in the first round. Some believe a trade back from nine is in the cards, some have them taking a falling Jalen Carter at nine, and others see them going with the best offensive lineman on their board.

While I would love to see them trade back, it takes a team wanting to move up for the player they have conviction in and an offer on the table that general manager Ryan Poles deems as fair value.

Because there are still so many needs on their roster, I'm hoping for a trade back and then their top o-lineman as the pick. But if they can't move down, there will be a worthy prospect available at nine, and honestly, I can't see any direction Poles could take that would annoy me. A corner or wide out at nine wouldn't be my first choice, but both would fill a need. Defensive line is another need, so it makes sense to take the top one available with their first pick.

Who do you want the Bears to take in the first round?

For this week's Reacts poll question, I went with the obvious four offensive line prospects that have littered the recent mocks and gave “other” as an option. After voting, let us know your preference in the comment section.