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2023 NFL Draft Last Minute Rumors

The draft is an hour away but here are the latest rumors!

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Twitter is still the go-to place for sports breaking news and rumors, so here’s what I’ve gathered from various accounts in the last couple of hours.

None of this is my sourced news, but it’s all stuff I’ve found online from people that usually have solid info, so believe it as gospel at your own risk.

The Carolina Panthers seem locked in on Alabama QB Bryce Young.

The Houston Texans are split on their pick at two. Rumors have ownership wanting a QB while the GM and coach are leaning towards a defensive player, most likely Alabama’s Will Anderson Jr.

If the Texans pass on a QB at two, they may use their 12th pick to come up for a quarterback.

The Arizona Cardinals are working hard to trade back from three, with the Tennessee Titans the front runner so they can come up for a quarterback, but the Philadelphia Eagles seem interested in moving up for their top defensive player on their board.

The Cardinals are also expected to trade wide out DeAndre Hopkins during the draft, with the Baltimore Ravens a strong possibility.

The Ravens are also rumored to be looking to trade up.

Florida QB Anthony Richardson may have the Indianapolis Colts’ attention at four.

The Detroit Lions are rumored to be taking a corner with their sixth overall pick.

Several teams are gauging interest to trade up for Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter.

The New England Patriots are leaning toward wide receiver with their first-round pick.

The Green Bay Packers could be targeting a tight end in the first.

Teams have different medical evaluations for players, so Tyree Wilson’s draft position could come down to which teams give him a pass on his foot injury.

If you guys see any more rumors from credible Twitter sources, be sure to put the tweet in the comment section.

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